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USPGA Betting Tips

The USPGA golf is an acronym for PGA Championship which is one of the four tournaments that make up the international Golf Majors.

With the recent trend of coverage of the golf events nowadays, it is no surprise that most online casinos and bookmakers have turned the USPGA golf betting into a lucrative business deal.

Most of the USPGA Golf 2016 events will be covered in several television and online streaming sites as well as featuring in bookmakers such as Bet365, Betfair, Ladbrokes, William Hill among other websites.

The USPGA Golf betting event is probably the largest American sporting event and is made up of 30,000 men and women who professionally play golf and are recognized and respected for teaching and growing the event.

Founded in the year 1916, this event has made a mark in the leadership position by conducting premier spectator events such as the Ryder Cup, the PGA Championship, the Senior PGA Championship that is presented by KitchenAid and the PGA Grand Slam of the golf sport. 


USPGA Golf Betting Tips


As the first USPGA golf 2016 betting events draws closer, there are plenty of things that you need to consider before you can start placing your bets.

You need to have a better understanding of golf rules and the golf-betting lingo. Further, you have to understand the various types of bets involved in betting online before you can start betting.


The Futures


This type of bet is perfect for the USPGA Golf 2016 events because in the future bets, all that you are required to do is pick who you think will be the overall winner. The betting site of your choice should provide you with options of the entrants and you will be required to choose on who will win it all.

The odds makers usually determine the USPGA Golf 2016 odds for every player participating in the event. Players who have a higher probability of winning the tournament will usually have low odds as compared to the underdogs.

For instance, during the 2000-2010 run, Tiger Woods would pay at 10/1 odds while a new player to the tournaments would pay say at 100/1 or 200/1 simply because Woods used to be a favorite to win most of the events. To check a players odds, you will have to log into your sportsbook account and head to the golf section.


The 3-ball and 2-ball betting


In the USPGA golf, one of the interesting bets that you will come across is the 2-ball and 3-ball betting matchup. Usually, in other sports, the matches will usually be played between two teams and you have an opportunity of betting on one of the team with the money line odds.

However, in professional golf, you won’t be able to play it on a 1 on 1 scenario like other sports. Instead, the bookmakers have found a way of match betting through the 3-ball and 2-ball bets.

In the 3-ball bet, you will expect it to work similar to the way you choose between three best players in the tournament. In this bet, you will expect the payout to be slightly higher as compared to the 2-ball bets since you shall be choosing a winner from three contestants.

In the 2-ball bet, you shall be provided with a matchup between two of the players participating in the tournament. You will then place a bet on a player who you think will give the best performance. In this, your primary objective is to predict who will give the best performance and not the one who will win.


The USPGA Golf Props


Proposition bets will cover just about everything that will be going in the golf course. The Props in the USPGA Golf Betting will come in various forms but the key theme is that they will always revolve around the events happening at the tournaments excluding who will win.

A good example is placing a bet on whether a player will make a cut or not or if a player will make a hole in one.

The hole in one golf props are the ones that will usually have very lucrative odds. For example, in the recent concluded tournament, Bovada and Bet365 were paying +10,000 on any bet made on any player to make a hole in one.

Other good examples of Props in the event include betting on a player to feature in the top 10, who will be the highest Australian to finish the tournament among others.

What is important before you start betting on the USPGA golf events is conducting your research before placing any bet.

Take some time and study the previous results from the concluded tournaments; there are players who will play exemplary well in particular course regardless of their form. Identifying such trends is key in making any decisions and sill sometimes influence your outcome.

For example, in the recent 2016 RBC Heritage, there are people who picked on Luke Donald to finish in the top three at odds of 60/1. A quick analysis on his past performances at the golf course highlighted some of the following results:

  • The golf course does not favor the long hitters and Luke Donald is one of the short hitters in the tournament.

  • In his previous seven visits at the course, Luke Donald has managed to secure five top 3s in his seven visits.

  • The greens at the course are small with numerous bankers. Donald is known to be one of the best short game player and is also reputable for recovering from the sand.

This information alone was enough to tell any punter that even if his recent performance wasn’t good, he was still a good favorite for the top five slot. As it just happened, his form has been very good and he’s however missing the first masters in 12 years now.


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