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Sky Bet Golf Review

Sky Bet Golf is one of the services offered by Sky Vegas. It enables punters to place bets on their favorite players or players that one thinks will win the various tournaments.

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It usually features some of the popular golf competition such as the US Sky Bet golf Masters, the US Open, the US PGA, the Majors, the Ryder Cup as well as the Solheim Cup. Pretty much, Sky Bet Golf features every event that a keen golf punter will be interested in placing the bet.


Sky Bet Golf



Sky Bet Golf: Each Way Betting Explained


When placing your bet on sky bet golf each way, it’s vital that you know dead-heats are a common occurrence. There can usually be an outright winner to the tournament – except in extremely unlikely situations – but it is also possible that the second, to eighth positions, affect the amount of money that you receive as your payout.


Dead Heat


A dead heat situation occurs when you have two or more players sharing the same position in the golf event. In such a situation, the dead heat rules are applicable when settling the bets.

The dead heat rules include dividing the total stake with the total number of golf players in the dead heat and then multiplying the answer with the odds with which you placed your bet. This calculation should give you the total amount of money that you the total amount of money that you shall receive.

Back to our sky bet golf each way betting, when you have players in the dead heat like it happened in the 2015 WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, the total amount of money that you would receive at the end would have been altered as a result of the tie in the sixth position.


Sky Bet Golf ranking


It is evident that Henrik Stenson, David Lingmerth, Danny Lee and Brooks Koepka tied on the five-under-par. This also means, that the four players shared the seventh to ninth positions. Suppose you had this on your results, how would you have calculated your payout? Well, it’s pretty simple.

All you will have to do is divide spaces available by the four players sharing them. Therefore, for six positions, there is only one available place and there are four players occupying it. This means that you shall receive a quarter of your stake.

For example, if you placed a £10 each way bet on Brooks at sky bet golf odds of 80/1, you will receive £2.50 on the place part.




Sky Bet Golf | The Pundits Pick


The remaining piece of the article shall be focusing on whom Sky Bet’s golf experts think will be the be the favorite winner at the US Open Golf.

Below is a list of players whom they think will be challenging for the much coveted Green Jacket come Sunday night. According to Colin Montgomerie, Adam Scott is more determined to extend his back to back wins in the last month.

In his opinion, Adam’s putting is better with the short putter. Since, the US open is 60% about putting, he stands a 70% chance of wearing the Green Jacket come Sunday.


sky bet golf each way


According to Paul McGinley, Bubba Watson is his ideal winner. This is because Bubba has won twice in the event, with the golf course suiting his strength of shot-making and since left-handers have had a history of winning at the event more than any other place in the golf courses.

Moreover, Bubba Watson has had a very good form in the past few seasons and has a tendency of standing up to big occasions and performing well when under pressure.

However, Paul’s outside bet is Patrick Reed. He supports the player because he has shown a consistent form in this year though he hasn’t won any title yet. Patrick is a man who shines in the big occasions as well as a huge competitor.

Additionally, his ball flight suits the event. Robert Lee also believes that Bubba Watson will win the competition. His reason for supporting Watson is that there has been no player in the history of golf has been more advantageous and suitable to the events course like Watson.

The 325-yard wipe fade gives him the advantage over the other players.He may be struggling on the slow greens, but once he gains the momentum, he is unbeatable.

Robert’s outside bet will be Patrick Reed since the player does not struggle to draw the ball. In addition to this, Reed is one of the best pitchers in the world and has high levels of self-confidence.


Sky Bet Golf Bubba Watson


Another Sky Bet pundit, Nick Dougherty believes that Rory McIlroy will be looking for a win in the competition with his game trending in the right direction recently. According to Nick, Rory has had chances of winning the title in the last three major competitions but one off day has always cost him every time.

His recent 4th spot at the WGC Match Play and his unsuitable hunger to add another title to his five earlier titles will give this proficient player an edge to string four rounds together and come with a win.

Another player that Nick expects to perform at the event is Rafa Cabrera-Bello. Having started 2016 at position 114 and has risen to position 36, Nick believes his blistering form is about to pay off. Moreover, Rafa hits the ball with precision, and his yardage control is second to no player, a trait that is essential to perform well at the event.


sky bet golf rafa



Best Sky Bet Golf Odds


Different markets will have different sky bet golf odds. Additionally, different competitions will have different sky bet golf odds.

Sky Bet Golf Masters are known to have luxurious odds as compared to the other events mainly because of the difficulty of the tournament. Also, the outright winner of the tournament usually has appealing odds as compared to the other markets!


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