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US PGA Championship Tips

Those who are avid fans of golf, there is no doubt that the US PGA Open and the US Masters are the ultimate. The USA PGA Open is the Mecca of Golf, and therefore it attracts the best names in the sport from across the country.

If Tiger Woods has been able to make a big name, it is essential because of his achievements in the PGA Open.


It Is a Highly-Betted Golf Tournament


Hence, it is one of the most punted and betted golf tournaments across the world. In this blog, we will look at some PGA Championship tips in general.

We are sure this will go a long way in helping customers to have a better idea as to how to bet on winning in this highly competitive and popular tournament.


Looking at the History Is Important


One of the ideal starting points for online betting or other forms of golf betting is to have a look at the history of the various players. If one considers the history of various players since 1990, there are some important statistics which come to the mind.


US PGA Championship Betting Tips


For example, it has been found that 80% of the winners in PGA tournament have either actually won it or come 2nd in the tournament since 1990. Hence, this should be a good yardstick when it comes to making bets as far as this tournament is concerned.

Whether it is Tiger Woods or some other players or even some renowned women professionals, there is no doubt that they have either come first or second in the tournament always.


Bettors and Bookmakers Seem to Favor the Bit Hitters


There is one more important point to be kept in mind as far as betting in this tournament is concerned. There is a reason for this. The course size has been increased to around 7450 yards which mean a rough increase of around 155 yards.

Some changes to holes also have been made, and the increase of the golf course has been moving up gradually over the past few years. This is a valid point which betters must never lose sight of. 


Take Note of the Weather Too


One more important attribute also needs to be considered, and it is the weather. Since the course requires long play, the weather has an important role to play. If there is continuous or even intermittent rain, the course could turn soft and damp.



This certainly will have an impact on the big hitters. In such cases, those who believe in deft touches and pushes would be better suited. However, if the weather is fine, then it would be a better idea to bet strongly in favor of big hitters.


Getting to Something about GIR


If you wish to be a serious better in PGA tours, it is imperative that you have some basic idea about GIR. It stands for Greens in Regulation percentage.

It is a measure about how soon or how late a player can reach the green area of the course. This has to be done within the regulation number of strokes.

Ideally, it should be done in a lesser number of strokes. If it is a par 4 whole, then the GIR should be achieved in two strokes. If it is a par of 5, then ideally it should be in three strokes.


US PGA Championship Tips


This is what quality US PGA Championship tips are all about. However, this is just one of the many yardsticks which should be used for meaningful and effective betting.

To buttress the importance of GIR here is an important fact that cannot be lost sight of. Over the last six years only twice have players with good GIR percentage not ranked in the first two rankings when the tournament concluded.


Long Odds Winners May Not Be Favorites


It would not be advisable to bet heavily on surprising long odds because such winners are few and far between. It has been found that quality players participating in the PGA tournament for the first time have never actually done well.

Hence, it may not be advisable to bet on wild card entries. There are however one or two exceptions, and these are truly exceptions rather than the rule.


Learn to Reduce Odds In Favor Of the Better


As a better, you must find out ways and means by which you can reduce the odds in your favor. There are some simple tricks and ways by which this can be done. It would not be advisable to bet for golfers who come with a negative odd of 150/1 or above.



Though there might be a few players who could turn out to be surprise winners, but the history of PGA tour has shown that it never happens that way. So, any odd which is more than 100/1 should be looked at carefully.


Closely Study the Form of the Players


While predicting and even guessing is all fine, there is nothing better than having a close look at the form of the players who are below 100/1 odds.

If you look at the PGA websites, you will be able to come across a few interesting and useful statistics surrounding dozens of players.


PGA Championship Tips


The tournament statistics is also a wonderful source for all those who wish to bet on a golf tournament successfully.

If a player is low on form and has not been able to play to his or her potential over the last three seasons, it would be better to play safe and keep him or her away from the betting radar until such time the form improves.

This will help you to reduce the number of players, and you could be left only with five or seven players at the most. All those who are in good form must also be in your potential winning short-listed group of players.




So, while the bookmakers with their odds can give some direction regarding betting, as a punter the onus lies on you to make calculations and then decide as to which is the best possible option based on form, previous history, course condition, weather, etc.


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