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It is no doubt that Jordan Spieth’s unbelievable Augusta collapse will claim a spot in the golfing history. But Ladbrokes Golf Open odds indicate otherwise with Spieth’s odds at 6/1 to win the tournament.

In Golf, you don’t take physical blows. You won’t have any opponent trying to punch or kick you. As a matter of fact, you won’t have any of the golf players aiming hard so that the ball bounces into your ribs.

While playing golf, you will also not get any concussions like Dylan Hartley, the England rugby captain, who was admitted over the weekend for a concussion.

You also won’t be risking your limb and life like the Formula One drivers who at 200mph, can crush at any time. How about the mental blows?


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There can’t be any harder sport. Bobby Jones, the renowned armature, co-founded the Masters and designed the Augusta.

While designing the Augusta, he is noted saying that “golf is a game which should be played on a 5” course, the distance equivalent to your ears.

And if there is any golfer who has a better understanding of how bad you can have your brain snarled on a golf course, it has to be Jordan Spieth.

Two months have passed since he experienced his Master's meltdown, which he will forever remain etched in his mind.

The number of majors he will add to the ones that he already has or the record he took from Tiger Woods will not help remove the events that happened on the Augusta.

Even long after he goes into retirement, he shall be asked of the moments when he put a shot into the sand and two into the water.

However, having nine putts on the last nine holes clearly indicate that he is back to his best, and from the look of things, he is back to stay.

With his victory at The Memorial Tournament, I can confidently back Spieth to bag the points at the US Ladbrokes golf open event. He is at 6/1 to win the US Golf Open, tying with Jason Day in the market.



Rory McIlroy is ranked at third with odds of 7/1 to win the US Golf Open event.


How to Win Real Money, Betting on Ladbrokes Golf Open?


The main market that you shall come across when betting on golf open is the winner market, which is readily available as you are reading this.

Moreover, there is also the first round leader, the victory margin, the top 5 finish and the top 10 finish markets as well as having an option of betting on the two-ball or the three-ball market.

Once the first two days of the stroke play event is over, players in the tournament are drawn into groups of three, and you can wager on the outcome of every group.

The 3-ball groups that will play on Thursday morning will continue to play on Friday afternoon, with the Thursday afternoon starters will resume for the second round on Friday morning.

In my experience as a golf punter, the Friday afternoon and Thursday morning draws as the advantageous ones, mainly because the course is well prepared. During the weekend, after the cut, the golfers will usually play in pairs, normally in reverse score order.

Players who are in the last position will go off first with the leaders coming in last. However, if there happens to be a weather delay, the organizers will stick to the 3-balls. These are just some of the markets that you will find in the golf open.


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However, in other events such as the WGC and the majors, you will also find markets such as the Top Nationality or even bet against nationalities.


Where Do You Start with the Ladbrokes Golf Open Betting?


It is important that you get to know the Golf Open course well and how the players have been performing over the years. The US Golf Open course will usually have plentiful of useful statistics and a hole-by-hole guide. However, it's important that you use statistics from the past say ten years, to get clues on where you can place your money.


The Types of Statistics That You Should Be Looking For


On the US Golf Open, there are a countless and amazing stats that you can analyze before you make any bet. Some of the main stats include the following:

  • The Driving Distance – this is usually expressed as the average distance, in yards, covered from the tee.
  • The Driving accuracy – higher percentage of this value indicates higher fairways hit from the tee.


Golf Open statistics


  • The putting average – This indicates the average number of putts/green. A lower value will be better.


In-Play Strategies with Ladbrokes Golf Open


One of the things that make it interesting to trade on golf is the total time that the tournament takes. Usually played over 72 holes in total, with very long breaks taken in-between the four rounds, you will have plenty of time to analyze and make bets through the in-play betting system.




When considering whether or not to place a bet in the Ladbrokes Golf Open in play selection, you should look at how the past events have been happening.

For instance, in other competitions, the Open Championship and US masters, making ground for a mistake made is very difficult and being among the top players is crucial.

Out of the last seven US Masters winners, position seven was the furthest that they went after the first day while in the Open Championship over the past decade, each winner has always been among the top three after the first day.

Most of the commentators will blubber all kinds of baloney about player X being in the completion, but in reality, they are way back in the pack. Never take their advice serious.


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