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Best Golf Sportsbooks in the UK

Golf is not an easy game to play and it is most certainly not an easy game to bet on. The game itself may be quite simple but the results of the game can turn out to be quite unpredictable at times. Whenever there is a heightened sense of unpredictability in any sport, it makes betting on that sport a serious challenge.

To give you an example of how unpredictable golf can be, when was the last time you saw a single player winning all of the majors in a year? Not any time in recent memory.

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You can’t simply stick to your favourite player and expect to win a golf bet. You need to make informed choices and work with the best sportsbooks to attain success in this field of golf betting.

One of the reasons for which it is absolutely essential to sign up for an account in a top sportsbook is the fact that golf betting odds can vary from one betting site to the other.

Some betting sites or sportsbooks have odds on a golfer at 50/1 while other sportsbooks have odds on him at 75/1. Knowing where you can enjoy the best odds is key to maximizing the rewards on your successful golf bets.

The choices for golf sportsbooks are figuratively unlimited. This is because golf is an extremely popular sport that draws media attention and viewers from all corners of the globe. As a result, punters are highly interested to wager on golfing events from around the world.

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Besides, the game of golf itself is very lucrative. Compared to other sports of a similar stature, the prize money in golf is considerably greater. This culture of heavy rewards translates into the golf betting industry, where the winnings on successful bets are undoubtedly very generous.


Top 3 Best Golf Sportsbooks in the UK


To make sure that you are on the receiving end of these handsome rewards, we have compiled a compact list of the three best golf sportsbooks around. If you open an account on any one of these three websites, you are most likely to end up being a very satisfied and happy golf punter.


1) Coral Sportsbook


Coral is well known for providing a solid platform for golf betting. In terms of reliability, this sportsbooks ranks is right up there with the very best. Their golf betting is strong and exemplary on a number of different levels.

Here, you can avail match-up betting options, the bet types which let you predict whether a specific player will finish within the top 10 of a tournament’s leader board or not, and also bets on if certain players will progress to the next rounds and make the cut or not.

Coral Sportbook

The last form of betting may not sound too amusing or lucrative, but given the fact that there are many superstars in the game who are struggling to keep their rankings and performances high, such as Tiger Woods, betting on whether a player will make the cut or not can sometimes turn out to be quite exciting indeed. These are just some of the unique bet types that you can find at Coral.

In addition to these, you have the popular type of bets, such as the ones where you have to make a correct prediction of which player is going to come out of a tournament victorious.

There are even future bets that you can participate in. These future bets are quite different from the ordinary bets you place at a sportsbooks and are usually only available at the best golf sportsbooks. An example of a future bet could be determining how many majors a specific player will win over the span of his or her entire career.

The one downside of Coral that will dissatisfy you is the fact that it does not have the best odds on offer. Their odds maybe better than majority of the sportsbooks online, but they aren’t good enough to compete with the upper tier sportsbooks.


2) BetOnline Sportsbook


BetOnline’s website is well known for its ease of navigation and its outstanding customer service. Therefore it comes as no surprised that their golf betting is excellent to say the least. They offer a decent amount of head to head match-ups which keeps the punters intrigued.

BetOnline’s Sportbook

The lines on BetOnline are updated in a very short amount of time. Speaking of the lines, these are some of the most competitive lines that you can find anywhere in the world of online golf sportsbooks.

As mentioned before, their interface will be a delight for users and their top notch customer service makes sure that all your needs as a bettor are met as soon as possible.

Also, they make it a priority to grant special offers to their value clients as often as they can. Overall, BetOnline is a fantastic destination for people who take their golf betting very seriously.


3) 5Dimes Sportsbook


5Dimes offers just about everything related to the world of golf betting. It is arguably the best golf sportsbook online, and at its current rate of progress, it will continue to be a dominant entity in the world of golf betting for many years to come.

5Dimes Sportbook

Here, you will find the ordinary head-to-head match ups as well as head-to-head matchups with a spread. The latter is a very interesting and engaging way to participate in golf betting.

Future bets are also on offer at 5Dimes Golf Betting, and one could say that their future bets are more exclusive, enjoyable and rewarding than those of any other golf sportsbook. If you log into their website, you will encounter a plethora of golf betting options.

This means that there is something for everybody and the chances of your betting requirements not being met are very slim. The interface is easy to use and navigate. Their deposit and withdrawal methods have earned much praise over the years.

If you are looking for the best odds on golf betting, 5Dimes Golf Betting is your best bet. It will be quite tough for you to point out any disadvantages of using this sportsbook.


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