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Golf is a globally popular sport that has a huge fan base. There are many die-hard fans who follow their favorite sportsmen like Lee Westwood, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy. It lacks the thrill of other sports like football, but golf fans have a level of skill in the game and an expertise of their own.

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Most sites offering golf betting offer a wide range of opportunities especially for the fans who prefer to bet. Betting on golf is different from other sports betting. Understanding how to bet on golf online is not quite a hustle. To understand logistics behind betting on golf, follow the review.


Why bet on golf online?


A question might arise - why would I want to Bet on Golf Online? The answer to this issue is that golf has a lot of money, and some can be made through golf betting. The game itself is operated by a lot of money.

A player can bet on golfers in a tournament and by that, you will have a better chance to win a substantial amount of money as long as your bet comes through.

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The odds of winning when you bet on golf online are high. Unlike other sports that have a small number of participants, golf has a large number of players, therefore, increasing the odds to win. Players too might beat all the odds and win the tournament and those people who have bet on them will reap big.

When you bet on golf online, there are also bonuses that you will get. These gifts will help you have a better chance to win by giving you a free chance to attempt before using your money. In this case, you need to be cautious when placing your bet because you will need a bonus code.


Types of Online Golf Bets


Golf online betting is different from other sports betting in that you cannot spread your options. When you bet on golf online, you can choose two main options: you can bet against two golfers and choose one of them, or you can opt to stick to one player during the tournament.

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The odds in this instance will increase as the game proceeds. You can also place a field bet when betting on golf online. It involves picking a player on the tournament as your possible winner.

It is different from other golf bets in that in this case; you will be betting on those who will not win the tournament. The odds, in this case, are high but risky as they are affected betting patterns like players form and consistency.


Golf Online: Betting Guide


There are some things that you need to put into consideration before you place your bet on golf online. First, before you place your bet on a player, make sure that you know their form.

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If the player is in their top form, they are more likely to win beating expectations of others. It is however not obvious that this will occur as there are professionals in the game too.

It is essential that you look at the overall performance of the players before sticking to one. Ask yourself questions like: what are their recent scores? What is their position on the leaderboard? Have they ever finished in the top position? It will be to your advantage if you choose a player with a known track record.                 


Types of Lines


Trends and Strategies


Initially, online golf betting was easy, and the trend was to bet on Tiger Woods. Golf is a mental game, and many players were intimated by his prowess on the sport. Golf books had to be adjusted so as to prevent many players from taking advantage of the fact that professional players like Tiger Woods will win the game.

The player is now old, and other personal issues that have come to the lame light have affected his performance giving way for players like Rory McIlroy and others.

The best strategy that has been working for some time in online golf betting is betting against the leader on the board. However, there have also been numerous comebacks from 5+ shots until the last round. Make sure that you choose your bet wisely.


Understanding the Golf Book Online


There are many players who have joined golf and at the same time, gamblers too are betting on their favorite players. This surge brings about golf books that need to be studied carefully before placing a bet.

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Some offer lines very early and have increased stakes to compensate for uncertainties. Others post theirs late while others are soft so as to attract beginner players.

There are also golf books online that will give you an opportunity to place live bets. Others have features that are not present in other books, and it will all depend on the type of bet you want to place. Having a book online that pays and is secure is important as you will be able to receive your wins in due time.


Modes of Payment in Golf Online Bets


There are a number of methods of payment that you will get to choose when betting real money golf tournament games. The two most important transactions carried out when you bet on golf online are the deposit and withdraw.

Golf Payments Online

To deposit money to your casino account, only make sure that you have an active account in PayPal, NE Teller, Ukash, Skrill, and Payoneer. Then in your account online, add your banking details and make sure to verify.

From there, you can choose the add money option, and you will be asked to specify the amount. Using that money, you can place actual bets in golf tournament games.

When withdrawing from your casino account, you will have first to verify the ownership of the account. This is possible by uploading a scanned copy of your ID or by answering security questions.

There are transaction charges you will incur and for that make sure to choose means that you can afford or reduce the number of transactions.


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