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US PGA Championship: Betting Tips

Amongst the many scores of golf tournaments that are held across the country and across the world, there are a few who can compare with the PGA tournaments.

They are the ultimate test for any golfer. Any professional golfer would nurture dreams of taking part in these tournaments and almost each one of them would also like to ensure that they come out with flying colors in these tournaments.

Hence, there is no doubt that these tournaments attract some of the best golfing talents from around the world.

Further, when it comes to betting in golf, there is no doubt that PGA golf is the best place to be in for golf punters and bettors.

However, when it comes to making money through betting in PGA tournaments, one needs to have the right information as far as PGA Championship betting is concerned. Hence, it would not be a bad idea to learn more about it over the next few lines.


US PGA Championship: Betting Tips


As the tournament, itself is quite prestigious and world famous there are bound to be a host of player who would be crowding to the various PGA tournaments.

Therefore, the task of accurately predicting the PGA Championship betting tips often becomes extremely tough and difficult, to say the least.


PGA Championship Betting Tips


Hence, we need to take the right inputs as a punter so that we can take the right decision when it comes to betting on various players.

Based on the various inputs from various bookmakers, let us try and have a look at the prospects of various important players. It will certainly help players to take an informed decision rather than hitting some bullets in the dark.


Henrik Stenson


Though not many bookmakers would be ready to give a big chance to Henrik Stenson, there are a few who are ready to stick their necks out when it comes to PGA Championship prediction.

Hence, if you are planning to go bet in betting on PGA Championship, it makes sense for you to keep Henrik in mind. This is because of many obvious reasons.

There could be others who might have settled for Mcllroy or DJ, but there are obviously quite a few factors working in his favor.



Though he might be only in the list of top 30 golfers as of date, his previous records at PGA tournaments have been quite impressive. Though he may not have won any PGA tournaments, he has a decent performance in these tournaments.

Hence, there are reasons to believe that when it comes to the best of US PGA Championship betting tips his name would always be on the top of the list.


Branden Grace


He might look a rank outsider for many, but there are many bookmakers who are ready to persevere with Branden Grace. This is simply because they believe that is championship material and is waiting to become the champion someday.


PGA Championship Betting


He is ready to do it a price which is agreeable to him. Hence, punters should keep this mind and while choosing the possible winners as far as this year’s PGA tournament is concerned.

When you look at some quality US PGA Championship betting tips, you will most certainly find his name being talked about quite a bit.


Charl Schwartzel


According to many punters, Charl Schwartzel is well and truly one of the long price options who can take on the big names. He is not only a former major winner but also has finished in the top 25 as far as the last six outings are concerned.



This South African has the right pedigree to create some of the biggest upsets as far as the PGA tournaments are concerned.

Hence, when we talk about the best of US PGA Championship betting, there is hardly any doubt that this name should always be kept in mind.

He already has won one major title and has featured in the top 10 four times, and with the current form he is in, there are reasons to believe that he will do very well as far as the upcoming PGA tournament is concerned.


The Big Names


Now that we have had a look at some of the dark horses, it would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at some big names who could be the hot favorites amongst a few bookies.

As is the case with most bookies it is not surprising to learn that many reputed bookmakers like Paddy Power still root for players like DJ and McIlroy, Rory.

There is nothing surprising about this because, over the years, they have been trendsetters and movers and shakers as far as the various PGA tournaments are concerned.

Further, it would not be out place to mention here, that as far as the current worldwide rankings are concerned, these two players are on top of the list.


US PGA Championship Betting Tips


Hence, when they get into the PGA playing arena, it is quite likely that they will be the top favorites because of their past records alone.

Therefore, as far as punters and bookmakers are concerned, it is obvious that they will always be ready to put their money on these players.

Apart from the above, there are other names like Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, and many other who also could get the most favorite odds because of obvious reasons of form and their class.

Hence, as of now, the field is wide open with some rookies posing a big challenge to the well-established players and the results will only be known when the events take place.




It would be worthwhile to follow the odds of various bookmakers and then conclude as to who would be the best choice as far as betting is concerned.

It always would be advisable to take inputs from as many sources as possible and then conclude. This will help in broad-basing the entire thing rather than depend on a few narrow sources of information.


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