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There is confusion about the history of golf. It is believed that golf was initiated in Netherland. The fact about the origin of golf is spurious however in it believed at the same time. It is estimated from the records that in the year 1297 a game was played in Loenen can de Vecht with the help of a long stick and with a ball made of leather. 

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The game of golf was not widely popular internationally until the later years of the 19th century in the UK and also in the USA.


A Brief History About Modern Golf


There are some opinions that the game was practiced and initiated in Scotland, and there are opinions that the golf as we see today which is played over eighteen grooves shows wider evidence of its origin in Scotland.

The word golf derived from the Scots who called it «gowl.» Here also we see certain mismatch since the facts and evidence go on saying that the word has originated from the word «colf» which was a Dutch word and meant stick or a long wand which was used in a game.


Ladbrokes Masters Odds


The game of Golf had been registered in the act of 1457 in the parliament of Scotland by King James the second and we see that he had passed the act to make the game forbidden by law.

This game was prohibited since it was felt that the game was not a remunerative game or was not a lucrative one. The political situation was also not favoring the game. King James IV again put a ban on the game in the year 1502. It was also said the game should not be played on the Lord’s Day or the Sabbath.

Sir John Foulis of Ravelston, a lawyer, has accounted that he played golf in the year 1672 in the Musselburgh Links and even Queen Mary of Scotland played golf in 1567. So, the history of golf is still not very clear since history says James VI the king of Scotland in the year 1603 and his son played golf in Blackheath.



The game spread in the colonies of the British and evidence show that it became widely acclaimed in Bunce Island in Africa, and Royal Calcutta Golf Club was established in 1829, and it was also practiced in Mauritius Gymkhana Club. Much later in the 19th century saw the gradual popularization of the game in Europe and other parts also.


Golf and Betting


By and by golf became popular and it reached its booming period late in the 19th century in USA, Japan, and even Tibet leaving aside the UK.

With the polarity golf also came under the betting games, and it started bringing in various well know bookies and companies who initiated in betting activities. To name a few are William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair, and Ladbrokes Slots.


Ladbrokes and Golf Betting


Ladbrokes is a company which was established in the year 1886, and it is a very popular and renowned company in the UK which is involved in various different gambling and betting activities in various games which include football, horse racing, cricket and other casino gambles like poker, Bingo and backgammon also.

Now it is very popular in the game of golf also. One needs to register on the site and choose the various tournament and famous golf personalities and bet on them.


Ladbrokes Masters Golf Betting Odds


There are various tournaments in the game of golf, and the Masters Tournament is one of them. This is also known as the US Masters. There are four championships in the game of golf. The schedule of the game is generally fixed in the early week of April.

The Masters Tournament was initiated by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones. This where the betting company Ladbrokes like other betting companies steps in. The Master Championship is held in Augusta in the renowned golf club known as Augusta National Golf Club.


Ladbrokes: Masters Odds


Ladbrokes Masters odds primarily bets on the prominent players and since the schedule of the matches are available online people can easily bet on them just by registering them on the site of Ladbrokes.

People can log in to find the time, the players in the particular match, and the rival as in who is playing against whom. It is a very simple procedure.


Ladbrokes Masters Odds US Masters


After logging in, there are various names of players. One just needs to click on the names of the players whom one wants to bet. After one clicks on the name a drop down appears.

There is a slot on the drop down which asks for the amount to be put in. After putting the amount, the values as to how much the individual can win the match is reflected.   

Ladbrokes Masters odds also suggest the ratio of the winner and the term odds means the ratio of the winner is highlighted. If it is said, a particular player has a nine to five odds it actually gives the probability of the winner.

Here nine denotes the probability of not winning and five for winning the golf tournament. It is all but mathematics and probabilities which is adapted to the game and various tournaments.


Ladbrokes Masters Odds PGA


All forthcoming matches are scheduled on the site. The times, dates, the contenders and also the details of the championships are all enlisted. Ladbrokes Masters golf betting odds helps in providing the valid information about the various tournaments to the enthusiastic golf lovers who wants to bet on the favorite golf personalities.

They get a proper picture of the possibilities of the participants since the odds are also mentioned by the side of the names of the players. This enables a person to calculate the amount he wants to put in for a particular championship and the person playing in that championship match.

With Ladbrokes Masters golf betting odds one remains free from risking or staking money on the players who does not have any chance of winning. This is possible because the probability of winning is forecasted with the name of the players.


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