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Whether it’s the PGA tours or Open Championship, betting on golf is only expanding across the golf. Even the exotic destinations in Asia and Africa hold their own glamorous golf tournaments throughout the year.

If you are the ardent follower of the game, then you can always put a wager on your favorite player from your computer with lots of incentives.

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A site like Coral Slots with its tempting prizes for the new account holders or the popular Corals golf odds. But like its pros, the golf betting world is full of shortcomings too. You can miscalculate, believe in too many insiders’ tips or witness the sudden bad spell of your hot pick.

Though your fortune holds a significant role in determining the returns you reap from golf betting, following the below listed golden rules can maximize your chance to earn good money.


Corals Golf Odds


In-house or live betting is the most rewarding part of the process. But consistent straying offs happen here – thus jeopardizing your chance to win. When you are mentally prepared to go for in-house betting, the ‘hole statistics’ will come handy to you.

Suppose, you are aiming to place your money on one of the top 3 picks of the tournament, but if your favorite player is going through a difficult area, then hold back the bet. Wait for some time till he comes out of it- victorious. Similarly, if an underdog is showing promising scoring potential, you can place your stake on him.


Corals Golf Odds


Apart from pondering over Corals golf odds or the tipsters’ section of Ladbrokes, in-house betting demands your alertness too. In-house betting also provides you with the chance to turn against the top favorite, if he is huffing and puffing to dodge the bogey too.

If all these sound too complicated to you, then don’t worry. In-house betting comes with its own share of nail-biting moments and confusion. If you are determined to learn more about it and then make a concerned decision, then taking your time and learning the ropes is the solution.


Make Most of the ‘Markets'


Even if you are the most hard-core golf gambler, you have to admit that misrepresentations, as well as oscillation, are two integral parts of the process, which can make any rookie gambler nervous. If you are a beginner and quite averse to invest a sizeable chunk of your money on a particular player, then study the dynamics of ‘hole winner’ market.



As the name suggests, it revolves around various holes and the player’s ability to size them up. For ‘hole winner’ market, a hard-hitter or a player who has the utmost accuracy is the best bet.

This market also offers the opportunity to gamble on tie matches. So if you are looking for continuous but modest returns, then ‘hole winner’ market should be your bet. The ‘first leader’ market, on the other hand, gives you the liberty to check out the first 18-25 holes and then to make the decision of betting.


Corals Golf Odds Championship


So, in a way, this is also designed by keeping in mind the risk aversion of a large section of first-time gamblers. Not only the first 25 holes, but you can also make a certain decision regarding betting- on checking out the turn of the weather. If you compare it with the ‘hole winner’ market, then round leader is considerably safer.


Pre-Match Betting


Gone are those days when Tiger Woods used to dominate the golf course. Back then, it was pretty easy for any gambler to put his stake on the top ranked players.

But right now, many underdogs are winning the major tours along with the favorite ones too. So, if you are quite inclined towards pre-match betting, then analyzing the current performance of the player as well his past record is quite advisable.

Not only that, you must check out the pattern of victory in that particular golf course. Also look for whether the course favors dark horses, or it is the bastion of top rankers only.


Corals Golf Odds Specials


Apart from the above factors, pre-match betting is quite vulnerable to the weather condition. Come rain, wind or sunshine – a slight change in the weather may wreck havoc on the outcome of the match. Yes, tea off times falls under this category too.

If you are putting your stake on a dark horse, check out his previous results in the similar layout and length. You don’t need to back a consistent title holder all the time. Even if a rookie showed great promise to win in the past (but failed to grab the cup), his chances of a win in the present match can be pretty high.


Bookmaker is Your ‘Man’


The success of online gambling is largely dependent upon the bookmaker you choose. Ladbrokes, Bet365, Corals, Bovada are some of the prominent names in the book-making market.

But do you know that the build of the website should also be taken into consideration before you get swayed with the brand names? Take note of the fact, that during the peak hours of golf betting, too many players will log-in to the site at the same time.


Corals Golf Odds Free


So, before you pick up one bookmaker, try to log-in to it in various points of the day to examine its loading speed. In similar fashion, look for whether the bookmaker offers mobile betting service or any app-based one.

Also, lucrative bonuses and offers are not everything. You should be able to understand the regulations thoroughly. Even if a site offers a modest bonus in lieu of flexible conditions, you should pick it over one with stringent clauses and huge deals.

The bookmaker with maximum live streaming coverage must score high in your good book. Do you know that maximum bookmakers prefer Bitcoin and the Western Union as payout options? So you as a customer should be aware of the time period within which you will receive your money upon winning.

In conclusion, it should be said that keeping yourself up-to-date and educated on the latest stats, trends, and in-play set-ups of the game will come handy to you. To make a profit out of the game is the labor of dedication, alertness, and hard-work. Invest on these three; and success can be yours.


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