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BestBetting: Golf

Golf without any doubt is one of the most famous and well-known games across the country. It also is quite famous across the world and is watched with enthusiasm and interest by millions of persons. Most of them watch the game for the fun of it, while there are others who are there to try and make some money out of it.

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Hence, there is no doubt that betting on golfing is a big business and it could be worth many millions of dollars. The betting covers almost all major golf tournaments across the country and the world.

There are scores of bookmakers, both online and brick and mortar who are there to help players to get some quality information on the various aspects of golf betting. Hence, it would be interesting to know more about BestBetting: Golf tips, so, that value addition could be made.


BestBetting: Golf


There are quite a few things that one could get from these bookmakers. First and foremost, you will be able to get a list of all the players who are taking part in such events. It certainly will go a long way in making up your mind as to whom you would like to place your bet on.


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It will also be very helpful to find out more about the form of various players. It will help to take an objective decision rather than being driven by opinion and hearsays.

The analysis of the strength and weaknesses of each player is incisive, and, therefore, as punters, you would know the right information about the players before placing the bets.


They Cover All the Major Tournaments


The best thing about these betting golf tips is that they try and give the best possible information about the various tournaments. It certainly will be quite helpful because you will be able to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

For example, some players will be good at certain golf courses and destinations while they may not be able to perform well in others.


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Hence, it makes sense to be in touch with these bookmakers and take the required information from them. As punters, you can then add your knowledge and experience and then place a bet. Therefore, you will have something that is complete and reliable rather than taking decisions out of the hat.


What to Look for in These Golfing Tips


Since, there are dozens of such online bookmakers, you must spend some time choosing the right one. Here are a few important tips which must be kept in mind when going in for these betting tips.

To begin with, it is important to be sure that the bookmaker has a good track record and covers almost all the important tournament which one comes across. It is the hallmark of any good bookmaker.


BestBetting Golf Odds


Secondly, they must have a reasonably trustworthy and good track record as far as the odds which they suggest to the players. 

Further, they must have a proven record of paying on time for bettors and must also have the best of payment and withdrawal systems available with them.

Based on the above, it should not be a problem to identify the best of bookmakers as far as golf is concerned. Let us now try and look at few upcoming events and what bookmakers have to say about it.


The Wells Forgo Championship


There is no doubt that the Wells Forgo Championship is one of the big golf tournaments. It, therefore, elicits a lot of interest among golf fans, and of course punters and bookmakers. It would, therefore, be interesting to know more about what bookmakers have to say about this tournament.


BestBetting Golf Best Odds


Going by 2016 history, there is a reason to believe that James Hahn could be a favorite. But according to punters and bookmakers, there are three players who could be in contention for the top honors as far as this year is concerned.

Dustin Johnson, Webb Simpson, and Carl Patterson are the three players who are being touted to be tough competitors as far as this championship are concerned. Johnson seems to be the hot favorite as far as bookmakers are concerned and many punters seem to agree with it.


Volvo China Open


As far as Asia is concerned, this is a big tournament to watch out for, and there will be some big names that will be a part of this tournament. The last few years saw a few names like Haotong Li and Wu Ashin who have been winners in 2016 and 2015.

As far as 2017 concerned, the field is quite wide open, and there are three or four names who might be movers and shakers. They include names like Dean Burmester, Richie Ramsey, Ricardo Gouveia and Mikko Korhonen.

Hence, the field certainly is quite open and each one of them on their given day could win the tournament on the strength of their performance.


Valero Texas Open


2016 saw the Valero Texas Open won by Charley Hoffman and the year 2015 saw Jimmly Walker win the tournament. 


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It would, therefore, be interesting to find out as to what the year 2017 has in store. According to many bookmakers, Ryan Moore has the best chance of winning this tournament because he has been in sublime form.

Further, this is a circuit which he considers to be his strong point. With an exemplary track record and with an off 28/1 there is no doubt that he continues to be one of the main favorites.




The above are a few names as far as the golf betting tips for a few tournaments are concerned. These are just a few and if you are keen on mastering the various tips and tricks about betting.

There are many such bookmakers, and you must spend some time knowing more about the things they have on offer. It will certainly help you in more ways than one, to say the least.


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