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Live Golf Betting Guide

There are rules that you are supposed to follow when you bet on golf. These are general gambling rules that you will find in any other online golf betting site. The Live Golf Betting Guide rules are as follows:

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  • Do not use foul language when communicating with the casino attendants through the live chat. This behavior will lead to dismissal from the site, or you will be imposed a fine.

  • When gambling in the casino, make sure your device is secure with a firewall program to prevent people from snooping into your personal life. They might also find a way through to the casino thereby affecting other players on the site.

  • Impersonation is a serious crime anywhere. Make sure that you submit your true personal information when signing up. This information will also be required when resetting your password and when verifying your identity when withdrawing your wins.

  • Read the casino terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy to be aware of what to adhere to. Violation of any of the laws of the casino will be accompanied by an equivalent punishment.

  • Do not bet more than you can afford. This type of people ends up in bad debts, and they do not practice responsible gambling skills.


Live Golf Betting Guide


The strategies applicable to live golf betting will improve your chances of winning. When betting at the online casinos, make sure that you have a bankroll with you. This bankroll will protect you from becoming addicted to gambling as long as you stick to it.

With a bankroll, you will be able to manage your money throughout the tournament. You prepare a bankroll by first knowing the smallest acceptable stake and then identifying the number of live golf bets you want to place.

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Another practical strategy useful in live golf betting is shopping for proper odds. Different sites will offer different odds on same games. They do so to protect themselves from incurring losses. Choose odds from legal casinos that favor you. Calculate the profits obtainable from sites of your choice and then place your bet.

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Finally, it is good that you pick a group of players to bet on. This will improve your payout if it works out and it will also be easy to choose the best among them as your research will be narrowed. Choose players at the top of the ladder board as they are more likely to maintain their positions.


Fixed Odd Betting


Fixed-odds betting is the most common type of bet preferred by golf punters. In this case, you will choose the outright winner of the tournament. Odds take the form of fractions (50/1) or decimals (20.1). Backing a player to win a tournament can have huge payouts as the odds are favorable.

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The markets available for fixed odd betting are the outright tournament winner which involves supporting the winner of the tournament. It can either be a win or Each-way. There is also the place betting market, and that involves betting that a player will perform better, and it is not necessarily that they have to win.

You can also choose the 2 & 3 ball markets whereby the bet will be on a group of players in a tournament. This strategy will give you a huge return if they happen to win. It is a one-time performance, and the player will not be affected by things like the course and their form at the time of the game.


Golf Spread Betting


Spread betting is similar to the scenario on the financial markets. In this case, however, you will be choosing on whether a selection will have better results or poor than the spread price. This aspect is similar to the buying and selling of stock prices.

When you SELL a position, it means that you will go above the spread while selling the position means that you will go below it. For instance, if a player like Tiger Woods has a spread price of (3-9) and you sell, it means that if he finishes below position 3, then you will make a profit. If his position is beyond 9, then you lose.

When you BUY on Tiger Woods with similar spread price, and he attains a position below 9, then you make profits. If however he performs better than the lowest price in the spread then you will lose the bet.

The leader board or the winner market will reward you for high tournament finishes. Mostly they assign the top 8 positions while other players below that are not included in the winner market.

Golf Spread Betting

You can also bet on the finishing position of a player in the tournament. The maximum make up is 70 and below that you will not be allowed to bet. This is a performance type of bet.

In spread live golf betting, you can also compare the performance of two players in a tournament. This type of spread market is known as match betting.

However, you need to be careful when it comes to picking the spread bets. Losses always will exceed your initial deposit.


Live Golf Software Used


The software used in live golf betting is available for both PCs and mobile phones. To download the application to your PC, simply open the casino page and click the download now. Ensure that your internet connectivity is stable to avoid delays and the possible corruption of the application leading to installation error.

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When downloading the live golf betting casino application to your device, make sure that the platform which runs on your mobile is supported. The most common platforms include iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Read the requirements on the website and compare to the specifications on your device.

Make sure that there are no pending important software updates on your phone. They might affect your gameplay or prevent the application from installing. Always secure the application from unwanted access with a password or simply log out after every session.


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