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The confusion about the history of golf is a prolonged issue.It was said that the game was initiated in Netherland. However much the confusing and spurious the history of golf is still believed by people.

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It had been brought out from history that the game of golf was played in the year 1297 in Loenen aan de Vecht. Initially, the game was played with the help of a long stick and with a ball made of leather. The game of golf was not widely popular internationally until the later years of the 19th century in the UK and, also in the USA.


A Concise History About Contemporary Golf


It is said that the game was practiced and initiated in Scotland and there are several different opinions that the golf as played today over eighteen grooves. This shows broad evidence of its origin in Scotland. The word golf is a derivative from the Scots who called it gowl.

We will find various mismatches and the facts and evidence go on to say saying that the word has been derived from the word golf which was a Dutch word and meant stick or a long wand which was used in a game.

The game of Golf had been included in the act of 1457 in the parliament of Scotland by King James the second, and he passed the act to make the game forbidden by law. This game was prohibited since it was felt that the game was not a profitable game.


Golf history


The political situation had largely affected the game. In the year 1502, King James IV again put a ban on the game. History records that the game should not be played on the Lord’s Day or the Sabbath.

Sir John Foulis of Ravelston, a lawyer, has adjudged that in the year 1672 he played golf in the Musselburgh Links and even Queen Mary of Scotland also played golf in 1567. The history is still is not very clear since it records that James VI the king of Scotland and his son played golf in Blackheath in the year 1603.

The game extended or carried over in the colonies of the British and evidence show that it became widely acclaimed in Bunce Island in Africa and Royal Calcutta Golf Club, and it was also practiced in Mauritius Gymkhana Club. Later in the 19th century, the game was popularization in Europe and other parts also.


Betting on the Golf and the Bookie Bet365


With the gradual popularity of the game, it reached its peak period late in the 19th century in USA, Japan, and even Tibet leaving aside the UK.

With the polarity golf also came under the betting games, and it started bringing in various well know bookies and companies who initiated in betting activities. To name a few are William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair and Ladbrokes and Bet 365 Games also.

Bet365 is an online gambling company which initiated in the year 2000 and facilitates in various online activities like poker, casino games bingo and other forms of sports like football, cricket, and many other games.


Bet365 Website


They were popularly known as bookies which facilitated the enthusiastic bidders in the process of placing their bets. The company Bet365 is based in the UK.

It is said that more than 20 million people use this particular betting company and have its access in nearly 200 odd countries all over the world. Like other sporting activities golf was also covered on the site. Bet365 Golf needs a registration to log into the site.


Bet365 Golf registration


The site provides details of the match schedules, the name of the players, results of the previous matches and various other details like the odds against each player.


Bet365 Golf Odds


Odds are the figures which describe the number of stakes for each team, player, matches and various other things.


Bet365 Golf


In the game of golf 9/2 or 1/6 against a team or a player describes the chances of a team or players or matches winning the matches. Where 9 denoting the higher chances and 2 denoting the lesser chance for any team or players, or matches.

There are possibilities where a bidder can earn coupons which would facilitate the process of earning extra benefit from the game of bidding for a particular game.

Golf enthusiast can even calculate the amount of prize amount they can expect at the end of the game. With the advent of online booking bidders have the choice to bid and the betting goes on to the extent that Bet365

Golf helps the bidders to have a clear idea that there are four immensely popular matches are played in Golf. They are US Masters which is played every year in the months of April.

The site gives a clear idea of the players who are participating in the matches. Similarly, US Open is played in the month of June along with British Open in the month of July and finally the US Championship which is played in the month of August.



Before betting the bidder can gather the earlier result of the tournaments and they can even have a predictable idea of the favorite players in the previous matches. The Bet365 Golf can be of great help to the bidders to decide whom to choose and whom not to.

Since it involves stakes at every level, they can have a fair idea about the game and the person to bet for. It customizes the site in such a way that any bidder can even calculate the amount of money that they can win after the match finishes.

While one registers to the site payment or money won after the game gets the money gets transferred online in the said bank through PayPal since it is the safest way to transfer the money.

So, the customized or the specially designed site enhances the pleasure of online betting while one just registers with the site and then just relax and bet sitting at home.The site is friendly to the smartphones so that one can take part in the form of betting even when he is traveling.


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