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British Open Golf: Betting Odds

There are dozens of sports in the United Kingdom that are extremely popular, and golf is one such game. Though it may not exactly be in the same league as football, cricket, tennis and other such games, it continues to enjoy quite a big following and popularity.

There is no denying the fact, that it is an extremely interesting and gripping game, which tests the skills, patience, and perseverance of the players to the hilt. There are hundreds of thousands of golf plans which are keen when it comes to betting for British Open Golf.

While many do it just for the purpose of enjoyment and having some fun, there are some serious punters who are into golf betting as a serious profession and try to win big money.

There are a number of golf tournaments which take place in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe and of course in other parts of the world.


British Open Golf: Betting Odds


In this article, we will be trying to gather some useful and pertinent information about British Open Golf betting odds which we are sure will be extremely useful for all those serious bettors who are into it with the sole intention of making some big money.


British Open Golf Betting Odds


However, it is important to get the right information from the right bookmaker. There are again dozens of such bookmakers and separating the grain from the chaff is not an easy task, to say the least.

Hence, we will try and have a look at a few top players and find out the odds for British Open Golf which the various bookmakers are ready to offer to them.


Dustin Johnson


There is hardly any doubt, that when it comes to quality betting odds for the British Open Golf, there are reasons to believe that Paddy Power is a name which can be trusted.



Hence, the names of players whom they choose are certainly worth having a closer look. All the odds pertain to 2017 open championships because this is where the action will be.

Dustin Johnson is a big name on whom Paddy Power has an odd of 4/9 which is not exactly healthy. Coming to major achievements he won the 2016 US Open at Oakmont Country Club.


Rory Mcllroy


There are reasons to believe, that as far as the UK golf for 2017 is concerned, Rory McIlroy continues to be favorites for the top ranking and almost all major bookmakers of the country are ready to offer him the most favorable odds.

He has a point average of 8.95 making him one of the tops in the game today. Hence, you can be sure that as far as betting odds for British Open Golf is concerned. Whether it is Paddy Power, Bet365 and other such names he continues to be the hot favorites.


Jason Day


He is another big name as far as modern day golf is concerned. He is from Australia and his record over the past many years has been extremely exciting and promising.


Betting For British Open Golf


He has played around 40 events and has been able to get an average point of 9.57 and a total point tally of 382.67.

However, his record in the golfing circuits in the United Kingdom may not be exactly too good, but still, there are many who believe that it makes a lot of sense to bet on his as almost all leading bookmakers are ready to offer him a decent odd because of some obvious reasons.


Hideki Matsuyama


Whenever golf and that too quality golf is talked about, there are many reasons to believe that the name of Hideki Matsuyama will always come to the mind.

Over the past many years, he has been able to create a special name for himself and his prowess and possibilities as far as the British and UK circuits are largely not known.

However, going by his natural skills and talents almost all bookmakers are uniform in giving him some reasonably healthy odds of 5/9 and, therefore, he will be keenly watched whenever he takes part in the various circuits in the United Kingdom.


Henrik Stenson


If one looks at the various British Open Golf betting preview articles, it is quite possible, that Henrik Stenson will be a name that will feature quite prominently.

He is from Sweden, and as far as 2016 is concerned, he has won the Royal Troon Open Championship and had nineteen wins to his credit.



The reason that he has won 11 of the total 19 wins on the European circuit is a matter which must be closely watched. It is, therefore, likely that he will find a lot of favor with the various prominent bookmakers in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, naturally, he has some of the best odds going in his favor, and this will only improve as the main UK based tournaments come to their day of reckoning.


Jordan Spieth


American by birth and citizenship, there are many who believe that Jordan Spieth has quite a bit of talent available to him. This feeling is also shared by many famous bookmakers like William Hill, Paddy Power, Coral, Ladbrokes and Sky Bet.


Odds For British Open Golf


There are also many other bookmakers who also share the same feeling. He has around 12 major wins in his career and his record in the U.S Open, PGA Championship, Masters Tournament and The Open Championship.

Hence, it is believed that he also will be able to make his presence felt strongly as far as the upcoming tournaments and events in the United Kingdom are concerned.

This is borne out by the fact that he has a healthy odd of 6/15 which might also improve as the days for the major events near.




The above are a few of the major names as far as the upcoming Golf championships and tournaments in the United Kingdom are concerned.

There are dozens of other players too, and it would also be important to know about the odds which these players enjoy. Unless this happens as a punter, you may not be able to take the right decision.


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