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Historians have numerous theories of how golf came to be. Some say golf was played first by the Romans in Paganica. The game involved using a bent stick hitting a leather ball.

Historians link the game to Europe through the Romans conquering Europe. However, we see traces of this sport in other parts of the world.

In England, it is likened to Cambuca while in China it has similarities to a game known as Chuiwan. All these stories behind golf have one common concept worldwide: the game involved hitting circular three-dimensional objects with rods and bent sticks.


Golf US Open


The highly approved theory about golf is that it has its roots in Scotland around the thirteenth century where shepherds to kill boredom while tending to flock resolved to hit small stones directing them to rabbit holes with sticks thus keeping themselves entertained and shortening their time in the fields. To attest to this story is the old golfing course at St. Andrews.


Golf US Open


The game grew in popularity than in Scotland and later in the late 19th century spread into the rest of the world. Some of the first countries it spread to are, the United Kingdom and the United States.

What is known as the eventual birth of Golf US Open is a record of a shipment of golf equipment to one William Wallace in South Carolina in 1739 and later in Charleston 1787 South Carolina Golf Club was established.




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Golf US Open is the cherry of US’s golf tour. This year it takes place in June at Oakmont Country Club featuring players from US, South Africa, Spain, and England to mention a few. Some of the players who will be representing the US are Dustin Johnson and Justin Thomas.

As thousands, will be competing in this tournament, this will be an exciting week for golfers in the US, their audience and those who are keen in golf betting. Golf US Open is one of the four majors of golf worldwide.


william hill Golf US Open


The other three are British Open, US masters, and PGA championship. The US Masters was already played in April as the norm each year and Jordan Spieth took home with him the green jacket.

June is around the corner and golfers are excited about Golf US Open which will be followed closely by the British open in July.

The four golf majors come to an end each year in August when the PGA championship takes place. Jason Day who hails from Australia was the PGA champion in 2015. All these four tournaments have the same four-round format. What does this mean to betters?

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History repeats itself, and if that is so even in the golfing world, we have something great to look up to come this June when the US open golf open will be hosted once again in Oakmont Country Club Pennsylvania.


Golf US Open country club


Each time golf is played in Oakmont there has always been a great show new champions into the game and more regard to known winners.

Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Ernie Els and Johnny Miller have won the US golf open at Oakmont. Surprisingly, Oakmont seems to have its charm in golf. Superstars in the game Gene Sarazen and Sam Snead have both won PGA championships in this course.



For the record, Bobby Jones won the US Amateur in the same course. The course has had great winners, and this is not a chance, this is the only course ever designed by Henry Fownes.

It is long and with very few trees making it a hard task to maneuver the course leaving us with no doubt that the stars are truly legends. It has not been all rosy to all the players in this course.

Angel Cabrera is one of the unsuccessful winners on this course having won the last US golf open on Oakmont in 2007. Sam Park Jr had his only glorious win in 1935. Jim Furyk and Tiger Woods both came second.

The bar keeps rising in Oakmont, and we need to be keen on top of the game. Ladbrokes Golf US Open is the place to place your bets with as June is here with us.


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