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Golf Betting for the Masters

Masters golf tournament without any doubt is one of the most important and popular golfing events across the world. It attracts the best talents from around the world of golf.

It is an event which is very keenly looked forward to by golfing supports, fans, and enthusiasts. It is sort of a payback time for big supporters of some famous golfing talents, both men, and women across the world.

While many follow golf just for the fun of it, there are thousands who are keen on making some money out of it. They stake big money each time such big events take place.

It is quite possible that the betting amounts in golf matches and events alone could run into a few million dollars and it is increasing at a steady pace each year.


Golf Betting for the Masters


In this article, we will try and have a look at some upcoming Masters golfing event. It will help us to have some idea about the betting for the Masters which takes place behind the scene.



It will certainly be quite useful for the thousands of bettors and punters of golf, who are looking for some reliable, valuable and dependable information as far as betting on these Masters events are concerned.

It would be impossible to list down all the events and the odds for each player. What we will be doing is to have a look at a few of the main players and find out as to how the bookies look at them as far as odds are concerned.


US Masters Outright Betting


The US Masters is one of the most important and significant events across the globe as far as Golf is concerned. It is a tournament which naturally attracts almost the best golfing talents both from the country and from various parts of the world.


Betting For The Masters


The tournament is held both for men and women, and therefore it evinces that much more interest and excitement amongst thousands of golf fans.

We will try and have a look at a few names which perhaps could help the punters and perhaps even other bookies to have some basic idea as to where the wind is exactly blowing.


Dustin Johnson


When we talk about some of the possible winners of the US Masters, the name of Dustin Johnson always comes to the mind.

He is a highly respected American Golfer, and as of today, he is the number one regarding worldwide golfing rankings.

Therefore, it expected, that he has a good chance of winning the Masters. It explains the fact that he has an odd of 7/1 right now.



Though this may not look very impressive from his standpoint, bettors and punters would do well to put some part of their money on Dustin Johnson.

Given the current form that he is in today, there is every likelihood that he will be able to make the best out of it and could away with the top honors


Rory McIlroy


He is another big talent as far as golf is concerned. He has the credential of being at the number one position for almost 95 weeks.

Hence, there is a lot of hope pinned on this Irish golfer and in his day, he could be simply unstoppable. He is now in a 7th position as far as Masters ranking is concerned.

However, these are early days, and there is a possibility that he could scale newer heights as far as the confidence which bookies have on him. 

As of now, he has an odd of 15/2 going in his favor which is almost the same as that of Dustin Johnson. Therefore, punters would do well to take his credentials and form as seriously as they can.


Golf Betting for The Masters


It will certainly help them to be reasonably sure that they can make them big money out of him. However, he has a tough battle ahead of him.

It is mainly because of the form of various peer players including the likes of Dustin Johnson and Speith Jordan just to name a few. It would be not a bad idea to wait and watch as to, how bookies react to McIlroy, as the event date draws closer.


Speith Jordan


Known by his full name Jordan Alexander Speith, this highly talented golfer is there to be present quite aggressively as far as the current master event in the USA is concerned.

Hence, those who are looking for golf betting for the Masters would do well to consider his current form and achievement.

Though as of now he has a reasonably good odd of 8/1 in his favor, it is quite likely that the figures might change for the better or he might even slip a few notches.

But given the fact that he is naturally talented he might be able to prove the punters and bookies wrong as the day of reckoning arrives. Hence, betting on his could go a long way in enabling you to win the big bucks within a short period


Jason Day


Yes, Jason Day a naturally talented and highly skilled and capable player. He has currently an odd of 12/1 going in his favor.

According to many golfing experts and his diehard fans, this odds figure is not the right reflection of the form in which he is right now.



He is most likely to give it the best shot and therefore it would be worthwhile to watch him from close quarters. With an odd of 12/1 in his favor it is quite likely that he could be a big money spinner should he be able to win the tournament given the current form he is in.




The above is just a few examples of some top players as far as the famed Master's tournament of golf is concerned. It would be better to spend some more time on the internet and look for a few more movers and shakers.

It could well and truly help you to broaden your horizon and spread your risk far and wide as far as this tournament is concerned.


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