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Open Golf: Betting Odds Comparison

Though golf is not as fast passed and racy as other games such as football, tennis, hockey and various other games, it is hugely popular amongst a certain section of the society.

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Hence, it is quite likely that that any reasonably big golf tournament attracts a lot of attention. While golf enthusiasts follow the game for the fun part of it, there are betters and punters who follow the game closely because of the money that they hope to win through golf betting.


How Can This Be Done?


To win big money in golf betting, it is important to choose and back the right players and understand the various ways and means by which betting can be done. Further, one should also have a thorough understanding also of the golf betting odds comparison. This will help them to choose the right tournament and bet on the right player and groups of players.


Golf Odds Comparison


There are literally endless tournaments which keep happening across the world. However, we will try and have a look at a few tournaments. We will pick up a single tournament and find out how to intelligently understand the betting odds and ensure that the same is used for effective betting.


The Royal Birkdale Open


Considered to be one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in Europe it attracts many quality players from across the world. It is ranked within the top 5 golfing tournaments in the United Kingdom and is listed amongst the top 35 as far as all the golfing tournaments across the world are concerned.



Hence, there is hardly any doubt that it is a much sought after golfing tournament and it will see some of the big names battling it out for the best of honors.

The prize money is also quite high, and, therefore, it will attract a lot of interest. However, from the better’s point of view what really matters is the odds which are against or in favor of certain players and how to get the best out of it


It Is Still Too Early


The tournament is slated to be held sometime in August 2017, and, therefore, these are still early days. It might, therefore, not be possible to list down the names of players unless confirmation is available from them.


Golf Betting Odds Comparison


However, we will try and have a look at the previous years’ performance and try and draw some lessons from the same and predict the odds if some of the players take part again the next year in this tournament.


Sol Joanni


Sol Joanni is a player to watch out. He is from the Caribbean and at 18 he certainly is a young player who created quite a few ripples last year. Hence, should be a part of the tournament next time around he certainly will be the cynosure of all eyes.

He comes with a handicap of +1.8 which certainly is not the best. But he has improved quite a bit over the past few months and, therefore, is worth watching as far as this tournament is concerned.


Open Golf Betting Odds Comparison


Apart from Sol, there are quite a few other names with reasonably healthy odds. Kevin Koong is a junior player aged 16 years and is from New Zealand.

With a reasonably healthy handicap of +2.0, he has 9/2 odds working in his favor and, therefore, should he take part he could get one of the men players who could be in line for the tournament winning the position.

However, at the end of the day, it remains to be seen if the likes of Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and a few others will take place. If they do, then they certainly have a huge advantage given the advantageous handicap positions they will be able to start with.


A Look At The Golf Course


This is an iconic 18-hole golf course designed by Arnold Palmer. It is a fabulous golf course not only in the United Kingdom but also has been rated as one of the best new golf course in the country and also is regarded as one of the best public courses in the province.



It is located on a rolling terrain and measures around 200 acres. It is carved out of natural streams and tall pines. It certainly is a challenging golf course and measures 7,013 yards, and is a par 72 course. It has the best of Crenshaw Bent grass greens and will certainly test the skills of even the best players.


Four Sets Of Tees


It also would be pertinent to mention here that it comes with four sets of tees and, therefore, could be suitable for golfers of different attributes and abilities.

It has several slight elevations here and there and is appealing to the eye, and in fact, these elevations add to the challenge. It also has some intelligently placed water hazards which require players to make use of their shots in their armory if they are to move forward.


Open Golf Comparison Betting Odds


The greens are always solid and firm, and they provide the golfers with a golfing experience that remain etched with them for a long period.

It also has a practice area which is around 10 acres and has night lighting facilities. It provides almost the same conditions as one would expect in a real life environment. There are also reception and meeting spaces and two conference rooms for small lunches and meetings.


Look Up Different Bookies


When it comes to betting for players in this tournament, it is important to look up different bookies’ websites and then take a decision as to which is the best.

It is quite obvious that there will be at least a few dozen players in such tournaments as above and, therefore, you cannot expect to bet on each one of them. You need not place bets only on winners, runners up or placeholders.

You could even place bets on outsiders though the odds could be in the range of 200/1. In other words, if you bet GBP 1 you could end up winning 200 should your bet come true. Hence, you must take the help of different bookies and then decide as to who is the best.


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