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US Open Golf Betting Tips

Are you searching for the best US open golf betting tips in 2016? Are there strategies that are applicable to open golf betting? Do you know what a bankroll is?

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The guide below aims at educating you on various aspects of golf betting. You will also be in a position to pick smart bets and to also organize your money as you bet.


Practical Golf Betting Strategies


The strategies to use on golf betting will improve your gaming and with time, you will be making profits. They, however, do not guarantee you that you will win as the performance of your bets will depend on the players and other conditions on the ground.

The first tip to apply when betting on golf for real money is that you need to manage your bankroll. A bankroll is the amount of money that you are willing to bet with as long as the tournaments last. Allocate all games appropriately and do not mix any money that you will win to the bankroll till it is depleted.

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It is also advisable not to be more than you have allocated or else you will disrupt other subsequent bets. Shop for the best odds that the online casinos can offer.

US Open Golf Betting

Since the online casinos offer different odds, choose odds that will favor the bets you want to place. It is also essential that you group the number of players and not betting randomly. This strategy will also make it easy to analyze the performance of the best players to bet on.


Best Open Golf Betting Sites


There are many open golf betting sites today and to know the best among them, you need to know the following:

US Open Golf Betting Tips

  • A good golf betting site is legal. When you open the site’s homepage, they will have provided licenses at the bottom part of the homepage.

  • There will also be realistic odds and live updates on current tournaments. You will also find betting tips in such sites.

  • Before you are allowed to play at the casinos, you will find that there will be an age disclaimer. The legally accepted gambling age is 18 years.

  • The best casinos will also appear to have positive remarks at the many US open golf betting tips sites. Read a couple and choose a casino that appears to have positive results in most.


Modes of Payment Available


There are a variety of options when it comes to payment methods that you can use. At the online casinos, the most common methods are the use of Ukash, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, Ne Teller, Visa and Wire transfer.

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When choosing among them, you need to know that there will be transaction charges that you will incur. It is also important to know the processing time for each of them as you choose.

At the online casino, you will be asked to verify your personal information to prove ownership of the account. This way, the casino attendants will be sure that you are the one withdrawing the money.


Bonuses and Promotions


There are a number of bonuses and promotions that are available in the open golf betting sites. When joining the betting sites, there are some promotion codes that you are required to submit so that you can be awarded the sign-up bonus.

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These codes are known as bonus codes, and they are case sensitive. When submitting the code, countercheck to make sure that the code appears as provided at the US open golf betting site.

There are also deposit bonuses that are offered when you add money to your online casino account. Check whether there is a minimum deposit required to be eligible to be awarded the bonus. Read also the wagering requirements for every bonus that you will be given.

Promotions offered in online golf betting sites include the no deposit offers and loyalty program promotion. The no deposit offers are awarded for free, and you will not be required to make any deposit.

The loyalty program, on the other hand, is the offer given to players who are used to placing high-value bets. They are also known as the VIP or high roller players.


US Open Golf Betting Tips


At the US open golf betting sites, there are a number of odds that are available. Each bonus is different from the other in terms of what you are betting on. You can also bet against a player and also support another.

There are also US open golf betting tips that show there are bets that involve one on one performance of players. Below are some of the betting odds and the technicality behind them:

  • At the start of the US open golf tournaments, you can choose to bet on one player to win. This is called an outright winner bet. For example, the odds of four players are as follows Ernie Els at (20/1), Tiger Woods at (39/1), Hunter Mahan at (35/1) and Fred Couples at (100/1).

  • When you bet on Tiger Woods to win the open golf tournament, and you place a $100 then you will get $10000 if Tiger Woods wins. The numbers in the brackets are the odds. In other US open golf betting tips, they might be represented to as decimals.

  • You can also choose to bet on a player to finish the tournament in a better position than another. This type of bet does not mean that the player you have bet on has to win the tournament. If they happen to draw the bet is not valid, and you will be refunded. In most US open golf betting tips sites, the odds are represented as Tiger Woods (+100) or Hunter Mahan (+-150). If there is a positive sign, it means that money you will bet on will earn a profit.

  • Other odds that are used at the golf betting sites are the likes of fixed-odds betting and exchange bets. The Fixed odds are similar to betting on an outright winner. The exchange bets gives you the opportunity to choose between becoming a punter or a bookmaker.



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