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Golf has a controversial past. There are doubts about where golf originated from. There are some opinions that the game was initiated in Scotland.

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What we see today was played over eighteen grooves reflects on the wider evidence of its origin in Scotland. Golf-derived from the word gowl which was a Scottish word, but the word golf was a Dutch word which meant stick or a long wand which was used to play the game.


A Brief History


Golf goes back to the date of Julius Caesar, however, the game was somewhat similar to the one that we see today. In those days the game was played with a ball which was light since feather was packed inside the ball and the stick resembled the shape of clubs as we see in the card games and was made out of wood branches of trees.

There is evidence of a similar game being played under the Song dynasty of China. This was long back in the year dating from 960 to 1279. However, the main theory and the history of golf in Scotland during 1457 which was banned by the Scottish king James II.

The history of golf also says that James VI became the king of Scotland in the year 1603 and his son played golf in Blackheath.


Golf brief history


By and by it spread in the countries where the British Empire set their colonies like the Bunce Island in Africa and Royal Calcutta Golf Club and also the Mauritius Gymkhana Club where golf was played.

It was popularized in the rest of the world and Europe. Golf was considered as a hobby in Britain during the 17th century. The British Tournament was played in the year 1860.

Only after that the game became popular and spread throughout the globe. The first club which endorsed golf was set up in Montreal in the year 1873. That kicked off the craze of golf and the USGA, or the United States Golf Association was found in the year 1894.


The Betting in the Golf


Golf became popular, and it reached its booming time late in the 19th century in the USA, we see that it spread in Japan and Tibet and also in the UK.

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With the polarity the game came under the fold of betting along with many other popular games like cricket, football, baseball and other games and the leading bookies started being more and more involved in the betting. The companies were mainly the renowned ones like William Hill, Paddy Power, Betfair, Ladbrokes and Betfred Casino.


Betfred Golf


Betfred is a betting company which has its base in the UK which was initiated by Fred and Mr. Peter Done in the year 1967.



It became increasingly popular and till date has near about 1370 odd centers from where they operate the betting activities. Betfred golf became very popular when it came to the betting in the game of golf. There is a simple procedure which has to adopt while betting for golf:

  • To bet online in the game of golf one has to register while logging on the website.


Betfred registration


  • After that, one would find the details of all the matches which are scheduled for the year.

  • The various tournaments are also placed in a detailed way so that one can choose which turns out to be a hot cake for all the matches that are scheduled to be played in the whole year.

  • Then one can choose from the list the most promising golfer and bet on them.

  • The procedure of Betfred golf is made even simpler since the drop down on the site which shows the result of the previous and matches and which are the golfers one can bet on.


Betfred Golf



Betfred Golf Betting Odds


Once they are through with the schedule of the game and the match details the Betfred golf odds helps them to check out the ratio of the person in the particular match.

The numbers which appear on the side of the player like 4/2 or 1/5 makes it clear who has a fair chance to win the tournament. Here in the ratio 4/2 four stands out to be the number of a person who would win and two stands out against the chance of a particular person losing the match.


Betfred Golf Odds


This ratio is enough to be the deciding factor whom they want to choose to go about in the matches to come.

The Betfred golf odds also helps in deciding how much money they can put in the match and the amount they can win as prize money from the particular match and  the person they are vouching for. Hence, Betfred as a bookie helps the bidders to make the right choice and deciding whom to select and whom to leave.

Since, Betfred as a company is one of the largest company for betting on the matches leaving aside the other forms of gambling like the casino games, bingo, lotto and poker and a whole lot of other games those can be played online by using a smartphone, the predictions are given by the company by far are authentic, and one can vouch for them.


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