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British Open Golf Betting Tips

The British Open or the Open Championship as it is more casually referred to is one of the greatest golfing attractions in the world. Some consider the Open Championship trophy to be the Holy Grail in the world of professional golf.

Whether there is an event that can surpass the prestige, the honour and the glory of the British Open is still up for debate. However, there is absolutely no denying the fact that the British Open is a sporting spectacle that the punters and bookmakers absolutely love.

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If you are into golf betting, then cannot afford to miss out on a chance to place your bets on golfers participating at this year’s Open Championship.


Why You Should Bet on the British Open?


There is every reason to place bets on the British Open this year. The tournament is billed to be bigger and better than ever. This means that the punters stand a chance to win greater prizes than they ever did before for their successful bets.

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Needless to say, the British Open is a highly lucrative golfing tournament that never escapes the attention of golf punters or bettors.

Betting on the British Open is thoroughly enjoyable itself, but the experience becomes even more exciting and delightful when you are equipped with tons of golf betting tips to help you survive the competition and come out on top.


Importance of Betting Tips


On paper, it is not mandatory for punters to be armed with golf betting tips before placing their bets on the British Open. However, it is highly recommended that you carry sufficient knowledge of the tips and tricks required to excel at British Open golf betting.

Since this is one of the biggest golf competitions in the world, it leads to intense competition in the sports betting scene in the United Kingdom. Regardless of whether they are fans of the sport or not, some of the most skilled and successful punters in the United Kingdom turn their attention to golf when the British Open is on television.

These punters have achieved great success and attained a huge set of skills because of their commitment to learning more about the gaming and enhancing their knowledge of betting. This is only possible when you pay heed to golf betting tips.

If you want to be in a position similar to the greatest golf punters alive in the United Kingdom today, then you must be acquainted with the British Open golf betting tips. The more tips you learn and apply, the better are your odds (no pun intended) of coming out as the victor in a bet.


British Open Betting Tips: Top 3 Golfers to Watch Out For


There are certain names that you have to store in your mind when you are placing your bets on the British Open.

Today, we are going to be discussing about three golfers who we feel have the best chances of winning the Open Championship. Betting on any one of the three golfers listed below is the best British Open Tip that you will receive.


1) Jordan Spieth


Among the golfers to watch out for, Jordan Spieth from the United States of America is the one that you should be most concerned about. What’s special about this golfer is the fact that he is posing a great challenge to all the other golfers who are participating in the 2015 Open Championship.

Undoubtedly, Spieth is one of those golfers that you need to keep an eye out on all times if you want to attain success in any kind of golf betting competition.

There has been quite a bit of speculation over Jordan Spieth’s decision to say in the United States to prepare for the Open Championship in Britain. Normally, players like to travel to Britain ahead of the tournament and get a feel for the course, the weather and the condition before the big tournament goes underway.

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Jordan Spieth is quite evidently confident in his ability to perform well by carrying out his preparations in his homeland. The fact that he actually won John Deere Classic makes him a competitor who is heading into the Open Championship with a mean streak on his back.

Although critics and punters who have placed bets on other golfers continue to doubt Spieth’s ability to win the big one, it would not be much of a surprise to see Spieth come out on top since he has already won two majors in his career.

The odds on Spieth are 8/1 at Coral, which means that betting on him can potentially lead to very easy money for you in a few days’ time.


2) Henrik Stenson


It is always a wise option to bet on the dark horse of any sporting competition. When it comes to golf, there is no better dark horse than Henrik Stenson. This man has been dubbed by many fans and critics as the greatest golfer to have never won a Major.

He may not be an expert at winning the big trophies, but with his calibre and his technical ability, it’s quite difficult to not place a bet on him. Maybe this year will mark his first Majors victory.

Currently, his odds of winning are 22/1 according to the numbers published by bet365. According to us, Stenson’s chances represent great value.


3) Rickie Fowler


If you are a fan of Rickie Fowler, now might be a great time to invest your money on him and place your precious bet on him winning the Open Championship. He is very experienced at playing golf in windy conditions, which will allow him to be breeze through the Old Course with relative ease.

Last year, he finished second at the British Open, which means that he is coming back this year as a hungry competitor with eyes on nothing but the gold. Coral has placed odds of 18/1 on him, which means that betting on him is worth your money.


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