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Golf Tipping

Golf is a wonderful game, the game of gentleman and yes, this is one of those sophisticated games that not most of the people used to play.

But with passing time, lots of tours are held in different parts of the world. But the major thing is that you can earn money out of this game if you love the game and know how to place the bet! Lots of tournaments are played across the world, and you can place a bet on such tournaments.

Your target is to find the best game to bet on. The best games are played across the world, and you need to know more about the games before you try placing a bet on one of them.


Know More about the Tournaments


These days mostly in every part of the world golf tours and tournaments take place. The Asian Tour, Japanese Tour, Canadian Tour are some of the tournaments that take place almost round the year.

But there are top two prestigious tournaments available; one is the European tour, and another one is the USA tour.


Golf Tipping


Such tournaments played in a huge manner, and lots of top seed players come from different parts of the world. With the players, come the fans and the punters.

You need to know where to place the bet, and you need to know the actual way of golf tipping. It’s not easy, and you need to know the actual process to earn money out of it!


Try the Easy Betting Options


Most common way of earning money out of golf tournaments guesses the name of the winner. For that, you need to follow the chart provided to you.

Know which player is the best seed and who is seeding on the front. This will give you an idea about the favorite one. Though in lots of cases, the favorite ones cannot win the game, but you can go with the top seeding player.



It is easy to handle the top seeding player as you know that this player can complete the tournament at the first place or nowhere near the first place!

The thing is like an open and shut thing! It is either a bang on a thing, or you are losing the game! So, this golf tipping will surely be there for your help.


Know the Opponents


Like other betting games, here also you need to know the opponent and the way they have been playing in the current season.

This will help you winning the game. Know more about the opponent, and this will make sure that you are surely going to earn money.


Ladbrokes Golf Tipping


Follow the trail of the player throughout the season, and you are going to know where you need to place the money.

You can take some time before placing the bet if you find it easy winning the game this way. Sometimes at the end of a certain period, it is easy to understand who is going to win the game.


Try the Side Betting Options


Sometimes you can go for the side betting options available for you. This is also the way of earning money and in most of the cases; this is the place where you can earn money and that too for sure.

Side bets are guessing match points, the point the winner is going to earn, the point earned by the losing player and so on.

There are lots of such betting options available, and you need to know where you need to place the bet. Go for the betting option that is known to you.

If you have gone for Ladbrokes golf tipping before, you can go for it. This is the way of earning money on the easiest way possible.


Know, What Betting Odds Is?


So, what is betting odds? This is the way of calculating the chance of the player to win the game. You need to know the way you can calculate the chance of the player.

Suppose you will find that the number places beside of the player are 50.0. That means you need to calculate 1/50 which is 0.02.


Golf Tipping 2017


That means the chance of winning the player is 2%. Now you know how you need to calculate the chance of the player. This is the way the punters place the whole set up.

They have their own set of players, and they place the list as per their previous experiences with the player in previous games.


Visit the Forums


You can take help from Ladbrokes golf tipping for winning a bet. You can visit the golf betting forums. Lots of threads are there, and the experienced people have shared their original experiences and through which you can get an idea of which player you need to choose for your bet.

You need to know details of the player and how the player has been playing through the whole season and of course the whole tournament.

The whole tournament line up matters and at the same time it is important to know how the opponents have been playing through the whole season.


Know your Limitations


Choose the major tournaments cautiously. There are lots of major tournaments available. The USA and European tours are most common and popular ones, and at the same time, you need to know it is not easy for you to place a bet and win the money as the punters are not there to walk you away with their hard-earned money.



So, if you won a bet and won some money, it is best idea to leave the place immediately and not to place any more bet. Losing money immediately after winning it mostly happens.

So, you need to save your hard-earned money. The punters will instigate you to place the money; they will show you ways of placing your earned money and winning larger amounts.

These are basically the traps that you need to avoid. Having placed a bet and winning money is not a regular thing in the casinos.

There are lots of punters available that are looking for the money that you have earned. So, you must know your limitations, and you need to stay calm when you win a bet.


Bet on Golf!