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US PGA Odds to Win

The most awaited week in the golfing calendar, the US PGA, is around the corner and golf fans from across the world are excited. The event comes with some of the top players battling it out at the Royal Tron.


Tiger Woods and the US PGA Event


Unlike in the past, when we used to have the “Tiger Woods Era,” there are different reasons why there has to be no another golf player has ever edged closer to achieving what Tiger Woods achieved at the US PGA event.




One good pointer is the US PGA odds to win the championship. Unlike in the past where Tiger Woods was always the favored player to win each tournament, and usually at absurdly low rates, chances are we shall never witness a repeat of this in most of the competitions.

For most years, Tiger Woods would walk up to the opening tee as the favorite to win with US PGA odds to win off as low as 3/1. To a novice golf fan, this may look like very good PGA odds, but in fact, they are crazy odds for golf.


Change of PGA Odds to the Top 3


Recently, people thought that Rory McIlroy would be Tiger Woods successor and that he’d be the favored player at each US PGA competition, but this impression has been eroded with time.

We thought that we had our automatic “Big Three” including Rory McIlroy, Jason Day and Jordan Spieth, but it all remained at “thinking” they are the top three players.


New Player in the Block


But now, we have a new player on the block, who’s managed to outdo the three players and win major competitions. Dustin Johnson, also known as the DJ, is what most people are referring to as the inform golf player in the world.

Right from the time he made his debut into pro golfing, you could always tell that he had the potential to be equally as good as the top three, or better, beat all of the top three in the game.



Over the past few years, he’s managed to win major titles including the most coveted WGC and the US open. Currently, DJ is ranked as the number one golfer in terms of the drivers, a factor that advantages him to play in just about any golfing course in the world.

In fact, when you watch Dustin Johnson blast away off the tee, you’ll be awed at how good he does it. DJ has risen to his reputation and has risen to be the best wedge golf player in the world, gaining important strokes while on the golf course from 50 yards and in.

Putting isn’t his strong point, but he has not let that put him at a disadvantage when playing at the course. With all these traits, Dustin Johnson is taking his tools to one of the world’s largest golfing event, the US PGA open and at US PGA odds of 10/1 to win it.

This is very good US PGA odds, given the fact that he’s the best and in form golf player in the world now. He’s overcome struggling in the rain and wind as well as adapting to linking golfs.


PGA Odds


He were also one of the very few people to achieve a last five cuts in the UK and was right in the middle of it in 2011 at the Royal St. George’s. He also showed signs that he’d run away at St. Andrews last year when he hit the 36-hole mark.

His talent is too immense for him not to win the US PGA event. His form, talent, in addition to his skills, put him as our #1 favorite to win the US PGA event at US PGA odds to win of 10/1.


How about the Top-3, what are their US PGA Odds of Winning?


The Australian citizen has the length off the tee to launch an attack on Troon’s short par-4’s on the front nine without letting the long ones, on the back nine mostly and usually into the prevailing wind, have any negative impact on him.

And forget about Spieth and Rory, statistics indicate that Jason Day is closely behind DJ as the world’s second-best punter.

He just missed the playoff by a single shot at the St Andrews last summer, and has seven wins in the past one year, in addition to the best all-around game.



And at US PGA odds to win of 11/1, I would go for a top five finish for the Aussie player. You might be questioning the news of his health when it was reported that something “popped” in his rib a week to the event, but so far it hasn’t affected his performance.

Other golfers such as Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth have been put at US PGA odds to win of 11/1 and 12/1 to win the US PGA event.

With the competition that the two are facing, I would highly recommend that you go for a top ten finish for both players and if you feel confident enough, a top five finish for Rory would be okay.


Who to Back as an Outsider?


Jim Furyk, aka the “Gentleman,” would a viable option for a cheeky outside bet of a pound. At US PGA odds to win of 100/1, Gentleman Jim is slowly and surely making his way back from injury, but a late charge has seen him finish behind Oakmont in a recent competition.


US PGA Odds To Win


The golf course seems ready to welcome the 46-year-old ex-US open champion seems to be counting on his experience to plot a way around the course.

Jim has got a lot of people talking about him and his chances of upsetting the odds and taking on the young guns at one of the most anticipated golfing events this year.


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