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US Open Golf Odds (2016)

Danny Willet is the new US Open Golf odds 2016 winner. This is the first time that he is winning his first major after a thrilling day at the Augusta National Club.

The favorite of the US open golf odds, Jordan Speith, was the number one favorite of the US open golf odds to win this year’s tournament in as many years that he has taken the lead into the final day of the tournament. He managed to stretch it to five shots after just nine of his opening holes.


US Open Golf Odds in 2016


However, the American lost his lead and imploded on the back nine after suffering a humiliating meltdown at the 12th hole after shooting au a quadruple-bogey seven and hitting into the water twice, allowing Danny Willet to take a lead that he would never surrender.

The 28-year-old Willet, from Sheffield, managed to hold off his friend and country mate Lee Westwood, who managed to hold out for an outstanding eagle on his 15th shot to become the 2nd Englishman to win the US open golf odds event.

He now follows in the footstep of his fellow countryman, Sir Nick Faldo, who last crowned the champion of the US open golf odds in 1996 at the same venue.

In fact, Danny Willet almost missed out on the tournament, as his beloved wife was due to give birth. At some point, he is quoted to be saying if the baby will not have been born by then, he wouldn’t have travelled to the tournament.

However, Nicole gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Zachariah, a week before and Willet did travel to the open golf odds 2016 event. Whoever said fate was cruel?


What were some of the favorite and likely golf odds?


#1 – The wire-to-wire winner (No -1215, Yes +685)


This was one of the best odds.  These odds indicated that there will not be any wire-to-wire winner at the event. It is rare to see a player leading at the end of a round and maintaining the lead in more than one round.

In the history of the US Masters, this rare occurrence has only been witnessed five times and has only happened last year since the year 1976 when Jordan Spieth was the dominating player in the field.

With the level of competition and form we have been seeing, it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was going to be another winner. If Jordan Spieth was going to repeat his form or Jason Day maintained his winning streak, then it could have been a big payday.


#2 – The winner of Par 3 competition


The Par 3 competition is a paramount tradition that happens at the masters every year. This is an opportunity for the golf players to relax for a short time with their friends and family and engage themselves in a side event right before the main tournament begins.

However, in the Masters history, there has never been a player who has won this Par 3 contest and proceeded to won the main event. There are players who actually think it’s a dee ja vu to win this contest and if they are close to winning it, most of the players decide to hit the golf ball in the water intentionally.

Other players usually decide to walk away with their scorecards. Personally, I am not superstitious and I strongly believe that it just happens to be a huge coincidence. It will have to happen in one of these fine days.


#3 – The highest 18-hole score recorded in any of the events round (under 82.5 Even, Over 82.5 -120)


I would have gone with the over given that Mike Weir was in the field. Last year, Ben Crenshaw shot a 91. Moreover, there are few old timers who are still using this lifetime exemption.


#4 – Who will the champion hug first, excluding the caddie? (Wife/Girlfriend +145, the Wife holding child +185, Parent +1415, No Hug +825)


The golf odds indicated that there was going to be a hug, a factor that depended on who was going to win. Let’s have a look at some of the top contenders and how it went:

  • Jordan Spieth: He is a big family person and I would have put my money on the parent hug.

  • Rory McIlroy: In the past we’ve all seen McIlroy embracing both parents. Therefore, he could have gone with no hug? Tough though to make a correct bet on this guy.

  • Bryson Dechambeau: If they could have listed a golfing robot on this bet, I would have chosen that. However, they did not. I could have saved my money on this player.

  • Phil Mickelson: If Phil could have been given another green jacket, I could have placed all my money (including the one in the bank) for him too hug his wife Amy first, then his children.

  • Jason Day: if he could have won the tournament, it would have been a lock. His son Dash and wife Ellie always get as much camera time just as he does. For him, I would go for the wife holding child bet (unless he could have decided to run onto the green as he did at the PGA)

  • Rickie Fowler: During the 2015 Players Championship in 2015, he gave a very big and warm hug to his then-girlfriend, but they are no longer seeing each other. Fowler went into the tournament a lone wolf and my money could have been placed on the “no hug” bet.

So these were just some of the few fun golf odds that you could have opted to choose at some of the leading online bookmakers. Below are some of the top 10 golf odds of some of the players to win the tournament.


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