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Betting Betfair Golf Odds

Over the years, Golf has emerged as one of the most widely acclaimed sports worldwide with major following and acceptance in the western nations, where it found its roots. Because of its popularity all over the world, people started wagering money on this game, and that’s how the golf betting came into the scene.

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Alike all other poker games, Betting in Golf also adapted itself with the emerging technologies in the modern world and now betting in golf is also possible online. Betfair is such a firm which revolutionized the online sports betting and gambling industry with the different products it offers, Golf being one of them.

The online casino Betfair came into existence in the year 1999 when professional gambler Andrew ‘Bert’ Black and city professional Edward Wray came together to form a Sporting Exchange company that got launched in the year 2000.

Over the years, it grew larger by acquiring different other online wagering businesses namely TVG, Tradefair and Timeform and now it has become the largest online betting portals and operates in more than countries with a number of customers as big as 950,000 worldwide.


Betfair Golf Betting


Betting sports in Betfair comes under a special category of the product by Betfair christened, Sportsbook which is launched in the year 2013 to increase its share of the growing ‘recreational’ sport betting market.


Betfair Website

Betting Betfair Golf has gained much popularity and has become one of the most widely accepted forms of betting in this premium sport due to its liberal and fair terms and conditions.

Unlike any other bookmaker, the Betfair Betting Exchange enables the customers to come together and bet with each other and not against the bookmaker with the odds of the customers will and not fixed by the authority.

Betfair just provides the platform and keeps track of the transaction going on during the betting process and earns from the commission it gets by handling the transactions.

In Betting Betfair Golf, the portal also packs in some attractive sign-up offers for its new customers, for instance, if you register as a new user and deposit 10 pounds for the first bet, the website gives a goodwill bonus of 30 pounds in return with which you can start your betting.


Golf Betting Rules on Betfair


If you are a professional gambler or an amateur and want to enter into world of Golf Betting through Betfair, you must check the rules to play in there that are officially put up by the portal for its new as well as existing customers to have a sense of how things work in Betfair so that you can play and manipulate it in the best possible way.


Betting Betfair Golf


The following are the rules of Betting Betfair Golf in the various forms of the game.


Tournament Match Betting (72 Hole Match Bets)


  1. In a golf match, if a player quits the game without playing a stroke, all bets related to that market on which the bet is, will be void.
  2. In the match, if all the golfers fail to complete a particular round for any given reason, the winner of the match is that player who has scored the lowest in the previous round of the match.
  3. If in the match, a player gets disqualified or withdraws himself from the game in particular round, then he will be termed as the loser provided that any another player completes that round successfully.
  4. If in a match, all the players fail to complete the first round, then all the bets played in the match will be void.


Round Betting Markets (2 balls, 3 balls, etc.)


  1. If in a golf match, a player quits the game from the match without playing a stroke in that particular round, and then all the money staked in the relevant markets will remain as void.
  2. If in a match, if one player fails to complete a round of the match for any reason besides withdrawing from the match or disqualification, then all the money staked on that match will remain as void apart from those who are unconditionally determined.
  3. If all the players in a particular match remain unable to complete around, then all the money staked in it will remain as voids.


Strokeplay Hole-by-Hole Markets (Performance of a Named Player on a Hole)


  1. If in a match, a hole remains uncompleted of any reason, then all bets on that specific hole will remain as void if the market is unconditionally determined.
  2. In a given match, the markets that are settled on a completion of a hole and any other subsequent penalties or disqualification will not be taken into account.


Betting Odds on Betfair Golf


Before talking about odds and how they work in golf or talking about the Betfair golf odds, let me give you a brief introduction of odds as in general.


Betfair Golf Odds


In gambling or betting to be specific here, odds signifies the ratio between the amounts or money that has been staked by the parties to the wager or bet. For instance, an odd of 10 to 1 means that the first party, which is normally a bookmaker or the person you are playing bets against, takes ten times the amount staked by the second party, or you.

In many simple words, it represents that you will get a payout of ten times the money you have put into stake if you win the bet and have to pay only one time of the stake if you lose it.

The method of odds is applied in betting or gambling so as to make the weight on both sides equal and to ensure that the gamble remains fair. In Betfair too, such kind of Betfair golf odds are applied for various types of golf betting that take place in there to make the gambling fair and hassle free for its customers.


Betfair Golf Odds Types


According to the type of game, the type of odd also varies ranging from as low as a single digit ratio to that of a four-digit number. For the tournaments, the Betfair golf odds remains a single digit number, and for the matches of Strokeplay hole-by-hole, the odds also reaches a height of 1500.

For instance, in a match between Tiger Woods and Jason Day, the odds for Jason Day were as high as 1800 and in another such game, the odds for Tiger Woods were 1500. I am sure that the article has given you a pretty good insight of betting in Golf and also substantial information on how to do it in Betfair.

If you have made up your mind to enter the exciting world of Betfair Golf Betting, there are a lot of golf championships that are coming forth and are listed on Betfair already, US PGA Championship, Men’s Golf Rio 2016, Women’s Golf Rio 2016, Ryder Cup 2016 to name a few. For more information, do check Betfair.


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