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In the betting world, there are different types of games available, that seems impossible to bet on, people think that you cannot bet on such games as they are not popular in nature.

In these days, lots of people play golf across the globe at a different part of the year. So, you always have a game to bet on if you are correctly informed.

Make sure you choose the correct game, and you know when you should invest your money and when not. If you know which game to bet on, you are a clear expert, and you are surely going to win the bet.


Golf Bet Calculators


Different types of tours take place across the year. New and popular golf tournaments take place across the world are Asian, Sunshine, Australian, Canadian, etc.


Golf Bet Calculator


But the biggest betting option on golf is certainly the mighty European Tour and US PGA Tour. All the golf lovers wait for this tour, and the betting experts are ready to choose their favorite player of the season from these two tournaments.

A European tour is played across the year and in different parts of the world. The final stage of the match played in Dubai, and that is the reason that this prestigious tournament is named as Race to Dubai recently.


Bet on the Stroke Play Event


So, recently the most enjoyable and wonderful type of game is the stroke play. It is a weekend game routine. The game takes place for four consecutive weeks. The game is played for four days every week and starts on Thursday and continues through Sunday.

All the expert players take part in this game. For four days, all the strokes and points counted, and on the last day of the event, everything calculated, and the player with the least number of strokes wins the trophy!


Know the Elimination Method


The game is very interesting that initially around 150 players are chosen for the tournament. In the middle of the tournament, top 65 are chosen to depend on their performances in the past two weeks.



The 65, that qualifies to stay for the rest of the game and one of them is surely a prize winner, but the rest are going home empty handed.

It is a wonderful format, and this elimination method makes it another huge success among the spectators. There are also knockout format games available, and they are also equally interesting. These games are a part of match play events.


Know the Betting Options Available for You


So, there are different types of betting options are available for you. You can bet on the winner, and this is certainly the biggie among the betting options available there.

The Top 5 finish and Top 10 Finish are two of the most interesting betting options. But they are somehow traceable.

So, they are not that much thrilling. What is the most thrilling betting option is the winning margin and number of strokes played by the winner? It is the place where you will have fun to bet on, and here you can use your knowledge of golf.


Have Proper and Pure Knowledge to Become a Winner


If you do not have pure knowledge about golf, and if you do not know the rules in details and you do not accustom with the playing style of the player, you cannot comprehend the number of strokes he can take.


Golf Betting Calculator


These players stick to their previous playing actions, and if you thoroughly follow them since their past few tournaments, then you will see that weather sometimes force them to chance their gaming style a bit.

But the subcontinent where they played a previous game, they will equally perform if they have to play at the same place yet again.


Place Your Bet on the Group of 3


Players divided into groups, and each group contains three players. Say a group is playing on Thursday morning; it will again play on Friday afternoon.

The next batch will play on Thursday afternoon and continue their game on Friday morning. The games are played at big and lush fields so that all the spectators, punters and everyone from the rest part of the world can watch the games clearly on television and internet. 



A punter can bet on the outcome of each group and the Thursday morning slot is the best one to bet on as per the experts from the betting world.

The fields are fresh, and the game is new in such case as this is the starting of the week and thus people choose to bet on this slot more than other slots.


Follow the Game Statistics Properly


Each golf tournament has their websites, and from there you will find details about the field and hole to hole description of the field and knowledge that will help you to win the bet.

Remember, doing a lot of homework will never fail in such cases. You need to know the playing types of each player. You have to know the strength and weakness of each player and the player combination also matters.


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Some players cannot shine in the presence of another player. They never won a match against that one player. You need to know these statistics by your heart if you want to win money out of this game.

This game bears a lot of scope for the punters. But you need to make sure that you are ready with all the statistics and charts that are going to help you place your bet.


Utilize the Break Time in Golf Games


If you are using a golf bet calculator, you need to understand one thing. Follow the first day thoroughly, and you will be there with the winner of the tournament. In open championship games, one of the top three players after day 1 becomes the winner.

It has been happening for the past eight years, and if you thoroughly follow the game, you can easily point out the person that can win the tournament.

The games played over a huge period with lots of big break times. So, you will be easily calculating the winner and place a bet on that!

Golf tournaments are certainly the best and easiest place to bet on, and you need to utilize the time they offer you in between games.


Bet on Golf!