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US PGA: Betting Tips

Golf, along with football, cricket, tennis, baseball, basketball and American football are games which are hugely popular not only in the USA but also across the world.

Hence, whenever, there are matches that are being played covering the above sports, it certainly is bound to bring in a lot of interest and excitement.

There are thousands who watch the various PGA golf tournaments just for the fun of it. They would like to enjoy the skills of the players and also support their favorite players.


There Is Betting Too


On the other hand, it also would be pertinent to mention that there are millions across the world who would like to bet on these PGA matches.


US PGA Betting


Therefore, if you are one of those who wishes to have reasonably good information about the various aspects of US PGA betting, then it is quite likely that you will find the next few lines interesting and something that will help you to take an informed and meaningful decision.

Hence, let us get started and have a look at the odds of a few players. Before that, we will also have a look at a few points to be kept in mind when it comes to betting as far as PGA golf tournaments are concerned.


How to Bet Effectively in Golf?


As we read this article, it is quite likely that there could be some golf tournament that could be taking place across the world.

Therefore if you are a serious punter and better you must, to begin with, have a clear idea about the various tournaments across the globe. This perhaps is the first starting point when it comes to learning more about betting tips is concerned.


US PGA Betting Tips


The number of players could be huge in many tournaments, and at times you could have around 200 odd players from whom you have to choose the winner or position winner and then bet on the same.

This could be a challenging and difficult task, and therefore we need to learn more about the various US PGA betting tips. Let us learn more about it over the next few lines.


Start Eliminating


The first and foremost, bible for betting effectively in PGA tournaments is to try and eliminate as many players as possible. At the end of the exercise, you must be left only with a handful of players. Ideally, they should not exceed more than eight to ten.


US PGA Betting


Only then will you be able to stand a reasonably good chance as far as highly competitive tournaments like PGA are concerned. You must use a number of factors to identify and eliminate as many players as possible.

These could include the current form of the players, the current international standing and their previous records in the specific tournaments, the players against whom they are fighting, the prize money, the predicted weather conditions and various other such important attributes. This is what will be taught in almost each PGA betting school they were around.


Look At Bookmakers


Another important aspect is to find out what bookmakers have to say as far as these tournaments are concerned. Though they may not be very accurate, they use a number of factors to come out with odds for each player.

Hence, it could be a great way to learn more about the current form of the player and decide whether it is worth betting on him and if so what is the amount to be betted and so on. Let us now try and have a look at the upcoming tournaments and the odds against certain players.


Dustin Johnson


He is as of now the third leading golfer in the world today and therefore when it comes to odds he stands on the top with 4/1 odds in his favor.

He has had a reasonably good outing this year and has stood third in the Hero World Challenge and WGC HSBC Championships.


PGA Betting Tips


He also has come 2nd in the Tour Championship in this year and therefore is considered a formidable opponent.

He also stood 2nd in BMW Championship, Deutsche Bank Championship, and most importantly the PGA Championship. Hence he stands a good chance as far as the current PGA championship is concerned.


Jason Day


When golf is spoken about in this year, there is hardly any doubt that the name of Jason Day will always come to the fore.

As of today, he is the top-ranked male golfer in the world and therefore as far as the upcoming PGA Championship is concerned, he certainly stands a great chance.

However, as far as odds are concerned, it hovers around 7/1 which is quite good considering his achievement during the year under review.

He has stood first in 15 tournaments this year, and this includes some of the most prestigious ones like BMW Championship, Tour Championship, and US Open and last but not the least the highly-acclaimed PGA Championship.


Rory Mcllroy


He is another amazing golfer who has set the trails ablaze with some stunning performances as far as the year 2016 is concerned.

Hence, he has phenomenal 4/1 odds in his favor which is a testimony to this constant performance across the years.



Let us have a look at some of his performances over the past few months of 2016. He has stood second in the DP World Tour Championship, The WGC HSBC Championship, and also has stood third in a number of other championships. Hence when it comes to PGA betting tips, his name cannot be ignored.


Jordan Spieth


Another worth watching and following golfer; he also has had a reasonably successful and fulfilling year as far as 2016 is concerned.

He has stood 2nd in the US Open; The Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide, the Masters Tournament, The Players Championship, the Shell Houston Open just to name a few.

Therefore, his odds of 8/1 justify his current form. However, it remains to be seen whether this is enough to ensure his winning the PGA Championship next year.




The above are the main challenges as far as PGA championship for next year are concerned. There are others who could be considered as dark horses, and they also should be watched closely.


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