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Latest Golf Odds on Ladbrokes

If you are offered an opportunity to place your free bet through Ladbrokes on any of the 152 players taking part in the recent golfing event, the 145th edition of the Open, which is taking place at Royal Troon in Ayrshire, who would you choose?

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Of course, most people will go for one of the highly-ranked golf players in the recent past. Dustin Johnson, also known as DJ, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day and Jordan Spieth will feature in your preference to win the event. The reason being, these four players look so strong and well suited to win the tournament that is highly competitive.


Latest Golf Odds on Ladbrokes


With the latest golf odds on Ladbrokes indicating DJ as the most suitable player, we are yet to see if it will come to pass given that the weatherman is hinting that the conditions are set to be windy during the event.

This means that the player’s tee time will be as important as their form and weaknesses or strengths. In simple words, the bad weather means chaos, and a higher probability of having an outsider to win the tournament just like Tod Hamilton, a 1,000/1 shot which secured The Open title in 2004.

If you are feeling lucky enough and fancy making a bet, you can use the latest golf odds on Ladbrokes for 13/8 for any of the big four players to win, or simply a 4/9 for any of the remaining fields to win.

However, it's advisable that you leave this for the high rollers who have plenty of cash to splash on it.
As usual, the best bets come when you place singles on each of the players.


Jason Day


Having already secured five straight top 10 in major competitions, its seems that Day gets it right at the major competitions. After his arrival at Troon during the weekend, the world number 1 said: “I’ve already played 36 holes here. We had the westerly, southwesterly kind of wind and seemingly, that is not the usual wind.


Latest Golf Odds Ladbrokes


It was great. It is a very exciting course. Having come so close last year is definitely a motivating factor in that I will really love to hold the Claret Jug one day and have my name put down in the books of golfing history.”

This was a reference to the putt that stopped a few inches from the hole when playing for the playoff at St Andrew's. After starting off his Open Career poorly, everything seems to be flourishing now:

Days last four performances: 3 – 8 – 27 – 1
Open Performance:   4 – 58 – 32 – 30 – 60
Last 50 starts:    Top 10:54%, Top 5:40%, Win:20%
Previous 10 Majors:   8 – 10 – 1 – 4 – 9 – 28 – 15 – 58 – 4 – 20 – 8
Per latest golf odds on Ladbrokes, Day has been placed at odds of 10/1 to win the tournament.


Dustin Johnson


In his recent interview before he headed to Scotland, Dustin Johnson, also known as DJ said he really liked the golf played at The Open.

“I enjoy playing it there. You must use a lot of imagination. At the course, you will generally experience a lot of wind, so you’ll have to use it to your advantage. You’ve also had to use the ground to your advantage. Ever since I played at the course, I’ve always enjoyed playing here, and I really feel good playing at the course.”


Latest Golf Odds Ladbrokes Sport


He surely does enjoy playing at the course, and in addition to finishing joint runner-up during taxing conditions at the Royal St George’s in the year 2011, DJ has featured in the top two at halfway in the last three Opens before fading.

He comes to the tournament as the in-form player and looking to complete a hat-trick following his successful US Open conquest with another one at the WGC-Bridgestone.

Asked on his abrupt leap forward beside the Nappy Factor? “My wedges have significantly improved. I’m receiving a lot more opportunities whenever I am in the fairway and hitting the wedges closer than the usual.”

DJ’s last four performances: 1-1-5-3
Open Performance:   49-12-32-9-2-14-MC
Last 50 starts:    Top 10:50%, Top 5:34%, Win:6%
Previous 10 Majors:   1-4-7-49-2-6-12-4-MC-8-32
The latest golf odds on Ladbrokes put DJ at 4/1 to win the tournament.


Rory McIlroy


He won in calm conditions at the Hoylake in 2014, and to his disappointment, he wasn’t able to defend at the St Andrews due to an injury. “I feel out of the courses I have played before, my best chance of winning was at the Open rota, and missing the event was a big blow to me.


Latest Golf Odds On Ladbrokes


I have no prior experience here at the Troon, so it was important that I had to make a prior visit to the course last week. The greens are fairly flat, and I realized to stand any chance of winning here, you have to keep off the bunkers.”

Similarly to DJ, Rory has featured in the top 10 seven times out of his last 10 major competitions. It's, therefore, a brave call that he’s taken and participate in the event even though his open record has been shaky and most people still think that he’s current form is below this best.

Rory’s last four performances: 3 – MC – 4 – 1
Open Performance:   1 – MC – 60 – 25 – 3 – 47 – 42
Last 50 starts:    Top 10:60%, Top 5:44%, Win:18%
Previous 10 Majors:   MC – 10 – 17 – 9 – 4 – 1 – 1 – 23 – 8 – 8
With his recent form, latest golf odds on Ladbrokes put Rorry to win the tournament at 10/1 to win th tournament, similar to Days odds.


Jordan Spieth


Jordan Spieth has buoyant words as he heads into the Open event.

“I reported here on Saturday, and since then, I’ve managed to observe a few things including the different wind conditions and the fantastic golf course for an Open Championship. I really enjoy coming over and playing links golf as well. I think this golf course will suit my strengths and I’ll make sure that I’ve used it to my advantage.”

If Spieth can manage to hit enough of the small but flat greens, then his putter is bound to wreak mayhem at the event.


Latest Golf Odds


He’s performance in each of the Open’s event improves greatly every year and last year; he was within a shot of qualifying for the play-off. Having finished in third place at the Firestone event last time, I believe he’s ready to add a big win to his superb record in the majors.

Days last four performances: 3 – 37 – 57 – 1
Open Performance:   4 –36 – 44
Last 50 starts:    Top 10:5%, Top 5:42%, Win:16%
Previous 10 Majors:   37 – 2 -2 – 4 – 1 – 1 – MC – 36 – 17 – 2

Given the margins that these top golf players have of winning the tournament, I would strongly advise you to go for top 10 finishes given their history at the event.


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