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The Open Golf Betting Tips

Surprisingly, it is that time of the year again that the golfing world shifts its attention to the famous US masters which is preparing for the big 80th event.

However, who will be found wearing the coveted Green Jacket come this Sunday night?


The Open Golf Betting Tips


Below are some of the US Open Golf Betting tips that should guide you as you bet for the open golf betting. The tips are focused on the top 10 contenders for the coveted Green Jacket.


Jason Day


It does not come as a surprise to see this 28-year-old topping the bookmaker’s odds at odds of 7/1. This Australian heads to the US open as the victor in the WGC Match play and the Arnold Palmer Invitation.

Having achieved to get a T2 and a third at the masters in only five entries, Jason day is the probably one of the big-driving #1 and is very much the main guy to watch.


Rory Mcllroy


It would be strange when a Northern Irishman wouldn’t be the talk of town ahead of this major event, but he might be enjoying staying under the radar as he comes back to the golf scene after his infamous collapse in the year 2011.

Rory has just won one title since his absenteeism in the open last year after being sidelined through an injury.

However, his recent top four finishes at the WGC Match Play and WGC Cadillac indicates that Rory Mcllroy is in a good form. However, the big question remains, can he claim the elusive US masters crown?


Jordan Spieth


In 2015, there would be no headline written without the name of Jordan Spieth. However, this famous American golfer has been off the radar since the beginning of the season and has only recorded a win at the Hyndai Tournament of champions.

With a scrappy display at the Shell Houston Open, he registered his six consecutive tournament without featuring in the top 10.

Will we see a repetition of Jordan Spieth’s form in last year reflected in this year’s open? Or will he fail to recover his form? Additionally, will his 10/1 justifiable or is he an underdog?


Bubba Watson


Watson has only featured in the top 20 list thrice out of the possible 16 majors, but he went to win twice in the time he featured in the list.

Recording a win at the Northern Trust plus featuring as the runner-up in the WGC Caddilac, Watson, also known as the long-hitting Bubba, is in good form and he’s always left a mark at the US open. In fact, with the US open golf betting, he is a favorite especially when he connects with his drives sweetly.


Adams Scott


Adams has become a Mr. Consistency in most of the recent Majors and he has greatly featured in the top 20 spots in 15 of the last 20 big US open tournaments. In fact, he was the 2013 Augusta champion and he seems to be keen to head back to the top this year.

If you are looking for an outside bet on the open golf betting, this Australian is a good option, having finished most of his competitions in the top 20 in the last five out of six Masters. Moreover, he has also won the WGC Cadillac and Honda Classic, making a name for himself in the golfing sport. 


Other Important US open golf betting tips


Open golf betting tip #1: Bet using your head, not your heart


If you are placing your bets using your heart, go ahead and place a bet on Rory Mcllroy every week. In this case you won’t win frequently and when you do win, it won’t be a big win either.

If you want to make some big winnings from open golf betting, you have to develop a broader knowledge of the sport and it is recommended that you take a keen look into the field.

Players who are highly ranked in the OWGR such as Rory Mcllroy, Jordan Spieth and Jason day will usually have odds that feature around 9/1 or lower in most cases. In a case where there are 144 golf players, this isn’t a great deal of value.

In fact, if you look at Tiger Woods, there is no punter who made enough money from the player between the years 2000 -2010 and if they claim to have made enough money, then they are probably lying.


Open golf betting tip #2: Understand your Odds


It’s worth discussing the golf odds since for every 15/1 winner from players such as Bubba Watson, Adam Scott and Justin Rose, there are as many 40/1 and 50/1 shots that are being landed from players such as Russel Knox, Justin Thomas and Zach Johnson.

And for this fact, there are usually more of the higher odds golfers who are winning some of the golf tournaments than the return on those players who have been priced at 8/1, 7/1 or 6/1.

In open golf betting, you need to understand that the odds will usually be swayed and will frequently not favor the top ranked players in the world.

Whether these players have suffered a recurring poor performance on a particular golf course or not, how they’ve been performing recently and their overall world ranking will nearly always shift their odds of winning lower that they actually ought to be.


What really happens when you place a bet on a favorite?


If say Rory Mcllroy enters in 22 tournaments worldwide this year and you decide that you will back him with £5 all the way, then you need to have at least £220 to back him.

Additionally, if you assume that his odds will always be 8/1 every week and he wins in every tournament that he plays, then your profit is bound to be around £1,276. This is a decent win but unfortunately, this won’t happen and he won’t win in every tournament.

Let’s take another scenario where he will win 3 tournaments and places in the other 19. Then, you will have amassed a profit of £216, which isn’t a bad amount but again the scenario is unrealistic.

Looking at it realistically, he will probably win two of the tournaments and then place in 1o other events – this is a great scenario. However, will you win any profit from the player?


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