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When someone mentions the word “sports betting”, the least of things that will cross your mind is to bet on golf online. Golf online does not have the big gambling charisma as compared to the other sports such as football or horse racing.

In fact, most people do not have an idea that when one places a bet on golf online has various advantages as compared to betting at the traditional bookmaker shops.

For instance, through the various mobile applications, you can always bet on golf online while on the move. Additionally, betting on golf online has additional bonuses that increase your chances of winning cash.

Each and every week, there will be a golf tournament running somewhere in the world. These may include the LPGA Tour, the European Tour, the Champion Tour and the PGA Tour.

Ever since the first appearance of Tiger Woods on the fairways, the attractiveness of golf has improved substantially and betting on golf online has become a major attraction to players.

In the article below, we look, together with you, an explanation of the different markets that you can bet on golf online, beginning with the outright winner of the event. After that, we also look at the various places that you can bet on golf online and end with the individual and head-to-head round betting.


Best Free Golf Betting Tips Daily


Betting on Golf online is a unique in the sense that in every event, there are usually up to 156 players that you can choose from. With this, there is an advantage in that the prices will vary depending on the golfer that you wish to bet on.

Most of the Sportsbook will generally change the price of the event on Sundays of Mondays before the beginning of the events (the major champions being excluded. With them, they will usually be priced up months before the start of the events).

Additionally, the outright betting will normally be available both before the start of the event and throughout the event. This is usually referred to as the live betting service.

When you are considering on placing the outright bet on the golf tournament, the critical thing that you should consider is the current form of the golfer. This refers to how well that the golf player has been playing in the previous past weeks.

Another important factor that you should consider is the course form of the player. Find out whether they have ever had an opportunity of winning at the golf course, if the generally shoot low while at the course and whether the golf course fits in with their style of play.

If this information isn’t enough, you can go into deeper details in deciding whether the golf course may be suitable for a given contestant. They may have not played at the golf course before or the course may be too narrow which may handicap the golfers capability of playing well.

The other factors that you can consider before placing an outright bet include:

  • If the golfer has had time off. If so, how did he/she react to that? Did the golfer come back firing or does he/she need a couple of more weeks before they can get back to form?

  • Does the player have a particular target this week? Maybe they require a great finish so that they can keep their card or qualify for a major, in such scenario, you can be rest assured that the player is keen and focused.


The Place Market


The Place market offers the players an opportunity of wagering on the Place Bet. Most of the worldwide Sportsbooks will usually have the each-way betting, where half of your stake will go on the win market while the other half will go on the lower odds market. To win the bet, the golfer is required to have a top 4, 5 or 6 finish.


Group Betting


Instead of you betting on a particular golfer or player to win the whole event, the bookmakers have the group betting option.

In this option, you have a chance of narrowing down to the field, usually in terms of the nationality. For instance, you may have an option that allows you to back the “Top African” or “Top European.”


Head to Heads


Most bookmakers will offer you the market on a given golfer to beat another. Basically, this kind of bet will feature players who the bookmaker deems to have similar ability. In such cases, the odds offered for the players will almost be equal or almost the same.

In most cases, especially when there is a dominant golfer, you may find a special bet where the bookmakers may pit such a player against a continent or country. For instance, you may find a case of “Tiger Woods vs Africa.”


Individual Round Betting


Many bookmakers now have the “First Round or Second Round Leader” market – a bet that is very difficult to predict as compared to the outright market but you might notice a given golfer who will start the events very well but eventually fades as time goes by. This is usually good if you do not want to place a bet that will last for days.

In addition to this, you will discover that the odds in most cases, if not all, pairing on the golf course. For instance, which of the players will win their 2-ball or 3-ball today? This is a very popular bet and does not require you to sit through the whole event.

From the above, it is certain that there are lots of factors that you can consider every week before you bet on golf. It is therefore very important that you take some time to analyze every event, get a feel of the tournament, and make sure you’ve chosen the bets wisely.


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